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    Hey there...
    My boyfriend and me, we are planning a short road trip (just a week), starting in L.A.. We want to leave L.A. at December 30th and have already booked a room in Las Vegas for two nights... New Year's in Vegas, gonna be awesome :)

    We wanna leave Las Vegas Jan. 1st and got ~5/6 more days ... we thought about Grand Canyoin, Yosemite National Park and visiting Sequoia National Park on our way back to Los Angeles... We both have never done a road trip, we are from Germany and don't know anything about the roads, the climate and things like that.

    Is there somebody out there who would like to help us a little bit? Do you think the route is doable in this time? (You have to know that only one of us has a driver's licence) Are there places we won't be able to drive to because of the weather? Any recommendations about which route to take, which rim to visit, where to stay etc.? Do you think we have to book our hotels in advance? Is is necessary to have a GPS or are maps enough for such a short trip?
    We are both young and spontanious, we do not care about spending a night in the car ... we hitchhiked from Germany all the way through Italy this summer and adventures are no problem for us ... We just want to make sure that we don't get into problems with the weather or miss a gorgeous place :)

    Hope that somebody is out there who is willing to share some experiences and tips with us newbies :)


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are more than a thousand posts that detail travels in this part of the country. I'd suggest you start by looking around here a bit more first (these threads are a good starting point) and get a feel for what might work for you.

    As far as the specifics of your plan, you will be traveling in the middle of winter so snow will be a certainty at Yosemite and Sequoia, and you'll likely see snow around the grand canyon too. The north rim of the Canyon is closed for the year because of weather, as is Tioga Pass through Yosemite so those will not be options.

    Because you are traveling so close to the Holidays and around such popular parks, I'd say that reservations would be a good idea for this trip.

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    An alternative would be to skip Yosemite and Sequoia and head from Vegas to Zion N.P and Bryce canyon and then through Page to the South rim of the Grand canyon before heading back to L/A.
    As much as I love Yosemite the shorter days and possble weather disruption
    will make it a more compact trip but just as nice.
    A trip across Death valley is also a great experience.

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    As I read through a lot of the threads (oh I LOVE this forum!!) I also realized that Yosemite might not be a good idea for the wintertime... I don't want to be confronted with street closures, snow stormes and things like that.
    Do you have a recommendation a tour starting in Las Vegas and including the South Rim of Grand Canyon and Death Valley? What would you do first?

    Michael and Dave, thank you SO much for your help, I appreciate that!!

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    Hi Schubia

    Do you have a recommendation a tour starting in Las Vegas and including the South Rim of Grand Canyon and Death Valley? What would you do first?
    The tour I mentioned above would be feasible, and you could visit Death Valley [fantastic place] on the way to Zion and Bryce [more fantastic places] quite easily, or even do the tour in reverse.
    Of course nowhere is immune to the weather this time of the year and you can expect to see snow and ice and possible disruption anywhere. Bryce is at a high elevation and will be bitterly cold but most of the view points you can get to just a few steps away from the car.
    Another alternative is to go to the South rim and head through Monument valley, Canyon de Chelly and back on I-40 through Petrified forest and possibly Sedona, Phoenix and back to L/A through Joshua tree N.P.
    It would be possible to drive across Death valley between L/A and Vegas on the way out.

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