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    I'm driving from NYC to Alexandria ,Va then Jan 4,2009,on to Florida,don't know if I should stop in Charleston,NC or Savannah,Ga. Any suggestions?Best route?There's no rush.Wonder how weather will be?? Any roads I should avoid?

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    That is a 1000 mile drive from Alexandria to West Palm via I-95, which is the fastest route. You say you are in "no rush", but that is a full 2 day drive and does not allow any cushion for doing much sightseeing or traveling off the Interstate. The halfway point is the I-95/I-26 junction. Charleston would be a detour (it's 60 miles off I-95), and Savannah would be past the halfway point. If you want to do some sightseeing and/or get off I-95, I'd recommend you allow 3 days. Then, you would have a lot more flexibility planning 2 night's stops.

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    Default I-95: The Ho Chi Minh Trail

    Hello newyorker,

    As glc correctly noted, Charleston is a bit of a side trip, while you pass directly by Savannah on I-95. With the halfway point between Alex and WPB being just 100 miles from Savannah, I don't see stopping there for a late afternoon/early evening of touring being an issue. If you were to start EARLY from Alexandria you'd avoid some of the worst of DC area traffic and would not get to Richmond until the latter phases of their rush hour, plus you'd take the I-295 bypass to the east, which normally leaves you with "only" the Ashland-I-295 stretch going along with inbound commuters. I would not be surprised to make it in, say, 10 hours or a bit less provided you get an early start from Alex. The I-95 speed limit is 70 mph through much of NC and SC.

    The NYC to DC area stretch isn't called the Ho Chi Minh Trail for nothing. Good luck working through that. If the weather is bad, and at this point there is no way on Earth to forecast it, it can be a very tough drive. It's no "day at the beach" at most any time, any weather.

    Good luck planning and taking your trip.


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