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    Hi Everyone,

    i'm new to RTA. i'm planning for trip from the west to the east (two way). I would like to have different routes one for West to East and the other one for going back. Any suggestion for site and stops? also advice are welcome.


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    Default More info.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    That would leave you open to a million and one possibilities so I think to get the info you are after a little more info for us would be a big help.
    What are your goals and main interests? How long do you have to make the trip?
    What is your budget?

    To get you started here's a great link to points of interest in each State.
    Some people like to remain flexible and not make reservations others prefer to book in advance and know where they are stopping, this thread about safe driving distances will help you map out some possible points of interest to stop over the night. With 10 hours a day travelling with short breaks you can expect it to take 5 days travelling across country.
    I-40 right through to Knoxville and I-81 would be a popular choice. If you have the time you could slow down and explore the Smokey mountains and Blue ridge parkway.

    Returning you could take I-78 /I-81/ I-76 /I-70 to St Louise and then either head towards Oky on I-44 and back to I-40 or if you have the time continue on I-70 to Denver and take in some of the great parks of Colorado and Utah.

    Have a look around the forums and in the Road trip planning section and gather ideas. Give us a rough itinerary to work with and we will be able to help you piece your trip together.

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    My goal is to stop in sites where I can take nice photo. Moreover, I want to be in NYC in chrisms. I want to run tight budget during that trip. I'm logging for decent and affordable logging.

    My main concern is weather surprises. how can I know if I will face snow storms?

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    how can I know if I will face snow storms?
    Bring a wifi-enabled laptop, and use to keep an eye on things. Most hotel chains have wifi or wired Internet access for their guests - Super 8 has free wifi in all properties, and a lot of Motel 6's have it for $3 a night. There are also free and pay by the hour hotspots in all kinds of other places - truckstops, cafes, etc.

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    Default We're not magicians

    You really need to tell us more about you and your trip if you want any helpful advice. You're looking at a trip that covers thousands of miles across an entire continent. The number of possibilities are endless, without knowing at least some of the details of your trip, narrowing those possibilities becomes an impossible task.

    You still haven't told us what kind of timeline you've got, other than to say you want to be in NYC for xmas. However, since we don't know when you're planning to start or finish your trip that really doesn't mean much. You also haven't said what you're dealing with for a budget - other than the somewhat contradictory statement that you want to keep the budget tight except that you want "decent and affordable" lodging (which in and of itself can mean a million different things).

    As far as the weather goes, yes, its certainly possible that you will see snow or ice, but its really never hard to find a weather forecast. Bringing a laptop is certainly one good option, but there are lots of other ways too. Every motel I've ever been at has had the Weather Channel on the tv which you can watch. Most states also have road condition hotlines, and even at some truckstops you can find weather reports. You can also do things as simple as picking up the morning newspaper, and see whats in the forecast there.

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