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    My husband and I are starting to plan a road trip in January starting in Maryland. We have kinda decided on the first leg of the trip (northern route) hitting the badlands, yellowstone, salt lake city, grand canyon, hoover dam, Albuquerque, NM, and Roswell (and some other stops in between). After that I'm a little stymied. I figured we'd go through TX, but don't really know where or what we should see (Dallas/Fort Worth or lower?). We thought from there we'd go to Graceland, but other than that we have no clue what to see and do in TX and coming home to MD. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Unfortunately, much of Yellowstone is not accessible in January. You would not be able to get to Old Faithful, the Fountain Paint Pots, or Yellowstone Lake. Since many of your other destinations seem to be in the Southwest, I'd suggest you concentrate on that area and leave the northern Rockies until another, more suitable, time. Besides the places you've mentioned, you can also take a look at Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, Kartchner and Carlsbad Caverns, Tombstone, the Petrified Forest, and Petroglyph National Monument. There are lots of other smaller venues in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico as well, but those are the larger, better known ones.


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    To extend on Buck's comments, the North Rim of the GC is also closed in the winter. If you are going to the Hoover Dam, I assume you may spend a couple of days in Las Vegas for a different kind of scenery?

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    The southern Utah national parks are great. And this is a slow season to see them.

    Also, if you're interested, go through Four Corners, where AZ, UT, NM, and CO touch.

    When you come back east, there's several beautiful areas, although seasonally may be different.

    If you are an Elvis fan, out of Memphis, take US78 east to Tupelo to go to Elvis' birthplace. Then, take the Natchez Trace Parkway (it's a national park road that goes from Natchez, MS to just southwest of Nashville). It's very scenic, with a huge right of way and quite secluded feeling.

    It's slower, at 55mph, as well, so time it accordingly. Then, you can go I-40 east through the Smokies.

    If you want to go up I-81 towards home, instead, I suggest detouring up through West Virginia on I-77. Get to Beckely and take US19 north to see New River Gorge (that's the bridge on the WV state quarter). It's the largest free-standing arch bridge in the western hemisphere.

    Then, depending on where you live in MD, you can go up US19 to I-79 to I-68 to MD, or back to I-64 east to I-81 up to MD.

    Hope that can help.


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