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    Planning a big trip. A lap around the country seeing MLB/MiLB games and other sites. I have been on and driven several S.Jersey to Miami road trips, various camping trips, etc... Would appreciate any advice. Looking to build a truck bed camper/tent in my 2001 toyota tacoma. Will see 30 games in 39 days. Departs S. Jersey, June 25 and set to return on August 2. Looking for little known Interstate attractions or oddities, local historical and social hot spots, and baseball park must see's. Shortcuts to Ballparks would be very helpful.

    Itinerary (S. Jersey)
    25-Cooperstown, NY/Baseball HoF
    26-28 Toronto Bluejays
    29-Pittsburgh Pirates
    30-Canton NFL HoF/Cleveland Indians
    1-Cincinnati Reds
    2-St. Louis Cardinals
    3-4-Kansas City Royals
    5-Quad City River Bandits
    6-7-Chicago Cubs 6 White Sox 7
    8-Milwaukee Brewers
    9-Minneapolis Twins
    10-Sturgis SD/ Mt. Rushmore
    11-Colorado Rockies Denver
    12-Salt Lake Bees
    16-Oakland A's
    17-Los Angles Dodgers
    18-San Diego Padres
    19-Grand Canyon South Rim near Tusayan AZ
    20-Roswell NM
    21-Carlsbad Caverns/Midland Rock Hounds
    22-Texas Rangers Dallas
    23-Round Rock Express
    24-Houston Astros
    25-New Orleans Zypers
    26-Travel day to Tampa FL
    27-Tampabay Rays
    28-Englewood Fl
    29-Florida Marlins Hollywood Fl
    30-Jacksonville Suns
    31-Atlanta Braves
    1-Charlotte Knights
    2-Baltimore Orioles

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It looks like you've got a great trip in front of you, everything looks pretty good, although you're going to have some very long days in front of you. I think you may end up having a few days where you can't quite get to everything you hope to. Remember, going to a baseball game can take up a very big chunk of time, when you factor in driving through traffic, finding a parking spot, watching the game, and then leaving the park, a baseball game easily ends up taking up 5-6 hour of your day. That can make it for a long day if you then have to either travel to or from another game a few hours away.

    I don't know much about shortcuts, as most of the parks are in pretty straightforward locations. A couple tips though, in Cincinnati you can park across the river in Kentucky and walk across the bridge or take a boat to the park. Both Chicago parks, but especially Wrigley, are actually easier to get to via public transit. I'd use the various park and ride options in Chicago if you can. I haven't been to the new Busch in St. Louis yet, but for the old park (which was right next door), I parked right by the Arch. Quad Cities is a very nice new park right along the river, but I actually like the park in Clinton Iowa, about 30 miles up the road, better. Its an excellent 1930's/WPA park that has a lot character. You might want to see if the Lumberkings are home that date. I'd also get to Milwaukee several hours before the game and take part in the Tailgating, which could be the best reason to see a game in Milwaukee!

    Otherwise, I think its a nice trip with a good mix of major and minor league parks. I'd also check out this thread with my general suggestions for a baseball trip that I wrote a few years ago.

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    In Chicago, parking is very doable and plentiful (but not cheap, figure 20 bucks) right at the Cell. Wrigley is a different story, if it's a day game, drive to the Skokie Swift terminal on Dempster in Skokie, ride the Swift (Yellow Line) down to Howard, and change to the Red Line to Addison. If it's a night game, drive to Howard and get the train there. Reason - the Swift stops running at 10pm. You may have to park in a private lot at Howard, as the CTA lot isn't very big, but they don't rip you off too bad. The CTA lot at the Swift is huge. Private lot parking is all you are going to find anywhere near Wrigley, and the cost is insane - and you are still going to have to walk several blocks. Traffic before and after Cubs games is horrible, because it's a neighborhood park, nowhere near any expressways. The Cell is right off the Dan Ryan (I-90/94), 35th St exit.

    The Clinton Lumberkings are at home that date, by the way, but game time is still TBA. They are playing the Kane County Cougars.

    Other observations: Parking at the new stadium in STL is pretty rough, the city is pushing public transportation, and a major expressway (US-40) is closed for reconstruction. Best thing to do in San Diego is park at Qualcomm and ride the trolley to Petco.

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