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    With the airline prices we are thinking about driving from Philadelphia, PA to Austin, TX. We have three small children and I'm not sure if this is even doable.

    We would go the week after Christmas and have 10 days available to us.

    What do you think? How long of a drive would this be? Would it even amount to being cheaper than an airline flight? I think the cheapest flight I found is around $1700 for all of us roundtrip.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Let's run some quick numbers...

    Philadelphia to Austin is around 1,660 miles, so three days of driving with two overnight stops.

    Gas, assuming 20 mpg and $2/gal comes to around $350 roundtrip. Lodging for 4 nights would be around another $350 assuming you can make do with a moderate motel room with 2 queen sized beds. Food would probably bee another few hundred dollars, but could vary quite a bit depending on you tastes. Let's call it $400. As you can see, I'm trying to be moderate to high on all my estimates. So the total cost of driving would be $1100 or less compared to $1700 for flying. Against that you have to weigh at least two other factors. If you drive, you will have your own car in Austin and will also save the price of a rental, but you 'spend' 6 days to save the money. And that's a call only you and your husband can make.


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    Default The purpose.

    Hi there and welcome.

    I guess it would come down to the purpose of the trip as well. If it's to have a vacation in Austin and little else then you will spend more time on the road than you will at your destination. However it could be said [unless you are staying with relatives] that the accommodation costs while on the road will be off set against the fact you have less nights in Austin, [and the same could be said for eating costs] making it much cheaper than flying.
    The thing is, if you are doing it for economy rather than the road trip "thing" are you going to enjoy it? To do the trip in 3 days is going to be 10 hours of travel each day which I would say is pushing it with three little ones in tow.
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