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    Hi everyone,

    First time poster on here to a big hi to all of the members. Right, i'm planning a trip to the US for either next year or 2010, i'm planning to go coast to coast from san fransisco to washington mainly thinking of using the us50 but any comments much appreciated and i want to do it in something with a bit of style. being into drag racing and hotorods in the uk i'd love something like a new mustang(prefer convertible) or similar muscle car reincarnation. i'll be under 25, renting for a month and will be only going one way, i've look around the net at some rental companies but any suggestions would be very much appreciated. also most ask for an age when giving a quote so i assume the quote includes any under 25 extra fees??

    thanks in advance guys.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Unfortantly, your age is going to work against you in two ways.

    First, yes, you are going to be hit with underage fees. They are pretty much standard for any renter between age 21-24, and that will be on top of the one way fee you'll also be looking at. I don't have any specific company recommendation, because there really isn't one company that is better than the others, especially because of your age/destination.

    The other problem you'll have is that rental car companies also generally prohibit the renting of "specialty cars" altogether. Sports cars and convertables very much fall into this category. I'd be quite surprised if you find anyone who will rent you something beyond a standard sedan.

    Certainly, shop around to see exactly what your options are. You might just find something that fits what you're looking for, but the odds are stacked against you.

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    hmmmmm, i have successfully got quotes from several companies for a mustang convertible at reasonable prices, am i to think that this would be a different story if i called up to make a booking? if this is the case i would wait the extra year until i am 25 to do this trip as theres plenty more of the world out there to explore.


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    Well, if you are getting quotes, then you might be having some luck. Rental car policies are kind of funny, and its possible that you've found locations that don't have the car restrictions I've generally seen. Renters from overseas also often face different rules than US/Canadian citizens, so that might be working in your favor.

    In any case, if you find a deal that looks good, contact the agency directly and make sure that you are getting exactly what you think you've been quoted.

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    If you are able to rent a Mustang convertible, you will only get the "style" part of the muscle car. Rental configurations will have the base V-6 engine, automatic transmission, and standard tires and suspension. It's still a nice car, but functionally it will be very similar to an ordinary sedan.

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