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    Default 1st Time Road Trippers looking for advice

    Hello! Two friends and I will be going on a road trip beginning Dec. 27th and ending Jan. 6th. We are all in our low/mid twenties, a couple years out of undergrad. This will be each of our first road trips and we are all very excited!
    Here's the plan:

    12/27: 5 am St. Louis to Chicago to pick up friend #1, drive on to Philadelphia to meet friend #2
    -nights of 12/27-12/30 in Philadelphia staying at another friend's house
    12/31: Philly to Boston for new years, staying at to-be-decided hotel
    1/1: Boston to Montreal
    -nights of 1/1 and 1/2 in Montreal at the HI Montreal hostel
    1/3: Montreal to Ann Arbor, MI. Staying potentially in U of Michigan fraternity house!!
    1/4: Ann Arbor to Franklin, IN (30 min south of Indianapolis)
    -nights of 1/4 and 1/5 in Franklin at friend's house
    1/6: to Saint Louis where friend #1 is in law school and friend #2 will fly home in a few days

    -we have car oil/brake check, cb radio, video camera, camera, music, food, 1st aid, blankets, flashlight under control
    -still need to finalize sleeping arrangements in Boston and Ann Arbor

    Any advice is welcome and truly appreciated! Thanks
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    Default first step

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    My only real concern would be your first day. You're looking at 1050 miles. Assuming you spend the bare minimum amount of time in Chicago, and you don't hit traffic or bad weather, you're probably not going to reach Philly until midnight or later. 20 hours after you first hit the road. Obviously, around the holidays, traffic and weather could easily cause significant delays. You might be able to do this, since you've got some time to recover afterward, but be aware this is a massive undertaking, and consider stopping somewhere enroute if you discover it is more work that you can safely handle.

    I'd also leave much earlier than you might think for your Philly to Boston leg. Traffic here can be bad anyway, and traveling on new years eve will likely make that problem even worse.

    Otherwise, make sure you have your proper paperwork to cross the border. If you don't have a passport, then you'll need to bring both a drivers license AND a birth certificate.

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    Hi, thanks for the advice! You're right, I will definately think about staying in Chicago overnight because that is one huge day on the road. Also, thanks about the passport tip, I didn't realize that you'd need both liscense and birth certificate w/o passport, but hopefully we will all have passports with us. But yeah, that first leg is the trickiest part, but I can't leave too much earlier because of the holidays. Thanks again!

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    Default eating

    Anybody know of good places to stop and eat on the trip from Ann Arbor, MI to Franklin, IN?

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    Even Chicago to Philly is a stretch in 1 day - I'd probably see how far you can get out of Chicago same day and find a Motel 6 or a Super 8 when you get tired. There's plenty of them all the way across. You can research locations online at their respective websites or pick up printed directories from any of them. It shouldn't cost you more than 50 bucks outside of major cities.

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