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    Default Here we come Florida!

    So, we are headed down to Orlando to visit with Cinderella and the gang over Christmas and New Years. We would like to spend 4 days at the Disney theme parks and then take a 3 day break and spend another 3 days at the parks before flying back home.

    For the 3 day break (from Disney), we would like to take a trip out somewhere. We wanted the trip to be within 2/3 hour distance from Orlando (traveling with two kids, 2 & 5). We wanted to see some beaches and were thinking Daytona Beach for a day or maybe the other side; Clearwater (or something else)? Since we have never been to Florida, we would really like some suggestions for this. Considering its December, weather will be cold at the beach, so after spending a day at the beach, we would like to visit some small touristy type town(s): Something like Solveng, Santa Barbra, CA etc.

    Appreciate your suggestions.


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    Default Two or Three Nearby Destinations

    There are a couple of venues with a particular attraction to kids just east of Orlando. The first is, of course, the Kennedy Space Center. Unfortunately, there are no launches scheduled during your visit. But there are tours of the facilities, including the Vehicle Assembly Building and launch pads, available. Also, just north of there is the Canaveral National Seashore. Note that there are ranger led programs during both December and January so be sure to check with the Visitors Center.

    I don't know that I'd call any of the town on that section of coast quaint, but Daytona Beach is certainly "touristy". It caters to the college crowd during Spring Break (my experience there) and so has lots of shops, a beach you can drive on (at least you used to be able to) and a NASCAR racetrack. Water temperatures will be in the 60-65 F range.


  3. Default Gulf Coast

    last winter we went to Anna Maria Island- It's the cutest little place- FANTASTIC beaches= crystal clear waters- Its warm too that time of year becuase your on the Gulf Coast- cute little tourist town-
    Kids would love it
    have fun

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    If you are looking for "quaint" in Florida, St. Augustine might be what you want.

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    Default Thanks

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I will check them out.

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    Default Thanks


    We decided to do the Gulf coast instead of the Atlantic ocean for our break from Disney for couple of days. We didn't quite make it to Anna Maria Island, instead we went to Clearwater.

    For the 3 days we were there, the weather was awesome. Water was cold, but the beach was great and kids had a blast.

    Thanks again for your suggestions.

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    Default We're glad you had a good time!

    And that the suggestions were helpful to you.

    Would you like to share more about your trip? What were your favorite parts of it? Any tips to share?

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