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  1. Default Olympia WA to Kansas City, MO

    Any ideas on the best route, as AAA wants to route me across Montana, and I would rather take a more southern route since I'm doing this in December

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    If I was going to Kansas City from Olympia Wash. I would take I 90 to I 82 to I 84 to I 80. From there you can take 80 to Cheyenne and drop down 25 to 70 and on to Kansas City, or stay on 80 to Lincoln Neb. There you can take sr 2 to I 29 and on to kansas City. Any way you go this time of year you have a good chance of hitting snow some where along the route, so I would opt for the shortest route.

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    My mapping program says the "quickest" route is I-5 to Portland, I-205 to I-84 to I-80 to NE-2 to I-29. This avoids the SeaTac metro and Snoqualmie Pass. 1900 miles.

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