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    I am currently 23 years old and trying to rent a car for roughly two weeks in the Salt Lake or Denver area. According to most of the car rental websites I have seen this means I am subject to an extra daily surchage around $20 to $25 per day. In simple English, this really sucks. I have perused the internet and have seen some postings suggesting there are ways to avoid this fee, although none seem extremely reliable. Additionally, many of these posts are a few years old and I fear they may be outdated.

    So my question is, does anyone have any advice for avoiding this fee?

    Thanks all,


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    Default nope

    Sorry to tell you, but a fee for under age 25 renters is pretty much standard. I don't know of any company that doesn't charge this fee, except for a few companies that simply won't rent to anyone under age 25 at all.

    The only exceptions I can ever think of would involve renting a car that is being paid for by an insurance company (after a crash or claim).

    The best I can tell you is to shop around, because the fee can vary. You might have more luck with smaller chains or even an independent rental place. I remember finding the fee for as low at $10-15 per day, but that was the best I was ever able to do before I turned 25.

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    Default Another nope.

    Hi Andrew and welcome to R.T.A.

    Michael has pretty much summed that one up, the only way around it is to get a 25 yr old plus companion to share the trip with you who likes to drive, but that most probably defeats the object for you.
    The other choice is take a mate so you can drive and split the rental costs between you. On your own I can't see a way around the extra cost.

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    I rented from Enterprise earlier this year. I was only 24 at the time. They didn't charge me any extra fees.

    Cruised a Grand Prix for three days for $20/day.

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    What location were you renting out of? Was the absence of the underage fee ever discussed?


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    Default Enterprise is a Hopeful

    I was able to rent from Enterprise when I was under 21, but that was through my insurance company. They were the only ones who would even think about renting me a car.

    However, the under 25 rule is fairly common. There was a time that I was auditing a car rental company, but was not allowed to rent a car from them due to my age. I kept picking at them that I was trusted enough to determine what their financial statements should read, but not trusted enough to rent a car.

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    I was renting from the Enterprise location in Clute, TX.

    The underage fee was never discussed, nor did he ask me for proof of insurance.

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    Default It's normal

    Unless you happen to be lucky like Cornbread, chances are you're going to run into this fee. I've not heard of any surefire ways to avoid this fee that are also legal.

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