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    great website and forum.. just looking for a bit of advice.. in the early stages of planning our trip. looking to fly into san francisco from UK on the 10th may for 5 nights. then looking to drive to Yosemite and stop a night, onto Sequoia National Park for another night, then get to death valley and stop 1 night before finishing with 7 or so night in las vegas.. just wondering what sort of distances and journey times i will be looking at. don't really want to be spending more than 3 hours on the road during any stretch. also would be grateful for any suggestions of must see places and cheapish motels/lodges that we could stop.. :)

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    SF to Yosemite is about 200 miles, plan on about 4 hours. Yosemite to Sequoia is about 225 miles via Fresno and Visalia, plan on close to 5 hours for that. Death Valley is actually 300 road miles from Sequoia because you have to go way west and south to get there, that could be a 7 hour drive. Death Valley to LV is only about 140 miles, an easy 3 hour drive.

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    Default more time needed

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you may have underestimated the distances of the west and misread your map. You can do a trip along the lines of what you are talking about, but you're not going to be able to do it driving only 3 hours in a stretch.

    SF to Yosemite and Yosemite to Sequoia are both 4-5 hour type trips, and Sequoia to Death Valley is 400 miles, so you're looking at nearly a full day on the road by the time you drive around the Sierras.

    There are several hundred threads talking about trips in this area on the forum. These ones are a good place to start browsing to get more information.

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    Default "In a stretch" ?

    Hi mally,

    If you are referring to a " 3 hour stretch" as a stopping point for lunch and/or a look around before continuing on to another stretch then your first 2 trips will be fine and easily accomplished in that time frame. Perhaps slightly longer between Sequoia an D//V but if you stopped overnight at Stovepipe wells for instance it would give you a whole day to explore the fascinating Death valley.

    With 7 nights or so in L/V you might want to do a little exploring around and about, here's some great tips for One day trips from Vegas. Maybe an overnight at the Grand canyon is an option?

  5. Default Sequoia an D//V

    thanks for the reply's people..
    the 1st two stages sound good. Sequoia to D/V would prob be split into 2. i'll check around the rest of the forum/threads.

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    Default Lake Isabella.

    Hi mally,

    The Lake Isabella/Kernville area would be quite a good place to split the journey between Sequoia and D/V, both time wise and location.

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