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  1. Default Seattle->SF->Vegas->then back to Seattle sigh

    Would any of you do this?

    Leave Seattle December 20 (Sat) drive straight to SF.

    Stay in SF until the 23rd (Tues) leave and drive to Vegas.

    Stay in Vegas until the 26th and drive back to Seattle hopefully arriving on the 28th (Sunday) -maybe stop in Ogden, Pocatello or Pendleton

    Does this sound unrealistic? ( I believe so). My husband and I were hoping to spend Christmas with our relatives in Vegas. I was never a big fan of road trips especially long ones that loop around like this.I've heard that the drive from Seattle to SF (going through Portland) is scenic but LONG.

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    Default Very long first day.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    I think there are plenty that would do this but then again they are probably fans of long road trips.
    I would break up the first part of the journey and stop before S/F and continue in the morning as you are looking at 810 miles and over 14 hours of travel.

    S/F to L/V in 1 day and 2 days to get back to Seattle are all around [just over] the limit of our recommended 550 miles/ 10 hours per day of travel. So it's doable but not ideal for someone who doesn't enjoy long trips although you do have time in between for down time.

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