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  1. Default SFO to Miami,FL Christmas weekend in 3.5 days

    Hi All,

    We are planning to cross the continent by a mini-van. We will be starting on 24 wed evening and planning to reach Miami by 27 saturday. To drive 6-8 hours on 24th and then 12 hours per day on remaining 3 days. I-10 is going to be the route.

    We know that the duration is pretty less and we really need to push harder to reach the goal. Our intent is not sight seeing, but to just drive across the continent. We have got 3 drivers. Can we cover 800 miles per day in 12 hours..?

    The itenarary is
    24 wed - concord,ca to palmsprings ca
    25 thu - palmsprings, ca to Van horn, Tx
    26 Fri - vanhord,tx to Baton rogue, lousiana
    27 sat - BatonRogue to Miami, Fl.

    I expect the ur advice/comments on the idea. I am very much bothered about the climate. Will there be snowfall...? chances of heavy rain? how about the traffic conditions? Can we cover 800 miles per day in 12 hours..?

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    Default Not a bloody chance

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sorry, but your plan is just a non-starter.

    It is not at all possible to cover 800 miles in 12 hours in real world conditions. Even with the most minimal of stops, you need to plan for at least 14.

    There simply is no way that you can get from point A to point B with the amount of hours you've given yourself for this trip: You'll have to be driving quite a bit more hours. Quite frankly, the number of miles you are hoping to cover in a day is on the border of dangerous. With 3 drivers, you can make it work, but it will require a very workmanlike effort, where one person is sleeping at all times, while the 2nd person is helping the driver. If you can't commit to that, and or you discover that you can't actually make your bodies work on that type of shift, then you really should not attempt this. Here are some more speed run tips, but generally we'd recommend doing this trip in 5-6 full days even at a brisk pace.

    Weather is always a potential concern in December, with the possibility of snow and (more likely, and more dangerously) ice being fairly likely. Its too far out to predict what you'll actually see, but if you do have to slow for weather, then you won't be able to make this trip on your timeline.

    Traffic will also be a significant concern. At the very least, you'll be going through 2 of the most congested metro areas in the US, LA and Houston, plus Phoenix can be a bear if you're traveling at the wrong time. You'll also be dealing with additional traffic from people visiting family and vacationing for the holidays.

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    That drive is 3100 miles, which is 46 hours making absolutely NO stops (food, fuel, bathroom, driver swap) and assumes clear, dry roads and no traffic delays. If you want to be on the road 12 hours a day, this drive will take 5 days. Stops would be (giving you a short first day as you planned):

    Palm Springs
    El Paso

    This is calculated at 10 hours a day with no stops or delays.

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