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    Hello all, I found this website on a random Google search and I'm very glad that I did. It's answered a few questions that I had and provided a bit of solace that I'm not the only person that can be this crazy at times.

    Anyway, I graduate college in May and for a long time I have been very interested in planning a road trip west. I currently live about an hour and a half south of St. Louis, Missouri, and our rough plan is as follows: drive to and see a bit of Texas, then up to Denver. Meander a bit through the Southwest until reaching San Diego, then drive up through Los Angeles and San Francisco on the way to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. Up to Calgary, then down to Yellowstone and across the Dakotas to Minneapolis and south to St. Louis.

    I don't know how crazy this trip may sound to anyone on the forum, but everyone that my friends and I have talked about this to think we're crazy. We have a decent car and plan to live a fairly meager existence during the trip. Finally, the trip would have to be done in a month, or two months on the outside.

    What do people think? Any comments or suggestions?

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    Default The basics.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums,

    Crazy ? Nah, It's done all the time so I don't know why would people think that.

    I think you need to get some idea of how much of a budget you will need/have, how long you have [big difference in a month or 2 months] and what your common interests are and that you agree on the basics of the trip [not sure how many are going ?]
    Once you have sorted out the basics you can put a rough itinerary together and that's when we can help piece it all together with you.

    Hitting the road without a clue to any of the above may be considered a bit crazy by some, [ but not all] Lol !

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    Since you are open to almost unlimited options, I figure I'll throw some suggestions out there.


    Dallas-Fort Worth- See a Rangers game. Visit the Ft Worth Stockyards
    Austin- The bat caves. Texas State Capitol.
    Fredricksburg- Beerhaus! Bratwurst!
    New Braunfels- Float down the Comal or Guadalupe in an inner tube.
    San Antonio- Riverwalk. Alamo.


    Roswell- UFO crash site.
    Ruidosa- Mountains. Horse racing.
    Albuquerque- Too many to list.
    Santa Fe- Again, too many to list.


    Meteor Crater
    Painted Desert
    Saguaro cactus
    Grand Canyon

    These are just some places off the top of my head. I've made a ton of trips through Texas, NM and into AZ.

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