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    Hey there

    My boyfriend is meeting me in Miami (from the UK) where I work and we are planning on taking a road trip to our 10 night log cabin rental in Tennessee (Gatlinburg). We were going to fly but thought the drive over a few days would be much nicer.

    I would love to be in Charleston for New Year. I hear they do some lovely family style celebrations. Which we are more interested in than clubbing etc. We are in our mid 30's.

    We would really love to be able to stop off at the 'typical' road side diners en-route up the I-95, and possibly stay in a roadside motel for one night before we leave Florida.

    We are thinking of leaving Miami around the 29th or 30th December one night in the north of Florida then staying two or three nights in Charleston (30/31/1.New Years Eve) and driving up to Gatlinburg from Charleston.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome!!.. thank you so much. I have seen the Holiday Inn in Charleston and that looks great.

    Kind regards

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    Default Holiday Fare

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Like many other cities, Charleston has started to encourage family oriented, non-alcoholic New Years celebrations. In their case, it is called Happy New Year Charleston, and there is a phone number for more info in that link. If it is offered as part of that event, take a tour of some of the old homes. Another worthwhile 'attraction' is to take the ferry from Patriot's Point out to Fort Sumter.

    As for finding diners and motels along I-95, there's a book that describes what's available at each exit and you have time to get that and read through it before you leave. Another possible stop on the way up to Charleston would be to take a walk through some of the squares in Savannah. I'm sure they'd still be done up in their holiday finery, and they're enjoyable at any time of the year in any event. Also, as I recall, one of the parks near Asheville, NC (Lake Julian, I think) has a drive through light display over the holidays as does the Biltmore Estate.


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