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    We are travelling from san diego to the grand canyon on 17th december 2008 for a one night stop-over at the grand canyon and then driving to las vegas on the 18th December 2008. Where would be the most convenient accommodation place to stay, so we save on travelling time???? susane

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    I'm a bit confused by the question - are you looking for a stopover place between the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas? I'm not sure you're going to need one, since it is only a five hour drive. Or do you not have a place to stay near the Grand Canyon? Or are you looking for a place between Las Vegas and San Diego?

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    Hi susanne,

    If you are doing the S/D to G/C in one day [a full days drive] then you could stay inside one of the park lodges or closest outside the park on route would be in Tusayan.

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    Hotels in Tusayan are quite costly. What you might consider is spend the night in Williams, then head up to the park in the morning. It's a 500 mile drive to Williams from SD - with normal breaks and no sightseeing that's an 8 hour drive. It's about another hour to the park from there.

    It's only about 5 hours from the park to LV, longer if there are delays at the dam or you do some sightseeing like hop on the old stretch of Route 66.

    If I were doing a SD-GC-LV trip with the intention of seeing anything, I'd make it a 3 day trip, and from an economic standpoint I'd spend 2 nights in the Motel 6 in Williams.

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