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    Hello, waiting to see if I get laid off of my job. If I do, I want to hit the 4 corners of the US. Has anyone done this? How long did it take? Mapquest shows about 9500 miles. If do 10 hour days I think I can make the drive in 22-23 days. Total trip to be 30 days with stops along the way at friends and some points of intrest. I plan to make a video diary with lots of footage. Is this just a pipe dream? I am 38 and no kids to worry about. Wife won't be too happy but when is she? Any thoughts and recommendations would be great. Thanks

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We've had several people do a 48 state speed run, and I'd say 3-4 weeks is a common quick timeline. If you were to spend a month, then you shouldn't have any problems covering the distance - especially is you mean a lap around the outer edges of the US (roughly using I-5, I-10, I-95, and I-90) - and not the zig-zags required for a 48 state trip.

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    Default Anything specific?

    Where will you be starting this trip from?
    Is the wife going to be going with you, or is she going to tend to things at home?
    Just one other thing - is the time to do this trip really something that you will need to be overly concerned with if you get the news? I would think that would give you a bit more flexibility, at least with taking your time...

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    Thanks for the info. This week I will know for sure on my job. If I am done I will start a plan and plan to leave around Jan 3 or 4. The wife will have to stay home, she has a job. I want to find the far corners. I have done some looking on Google Earth. There are points in Maine and Washington State. The best I can see in the southwest is the border fence near San Diego. I will take Key West as the southeast or a point somewhere near Miami. This time alone will help sole search a little and let me deceide if I want to start my own business or just look for another job. I live in Cincinnati so that is my starting point and will proceed NE to Maine first. I am concerned about the burn out factor of that many miles in such a short time.

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    You are looking at almost exactly 10000 miles. This is 20 days of driving 500 miles a day (10 to 12 hours is a fair average), plus 10 days for you to do other things and allow for weather or other types of delays.

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    Default an understandable concern

    I will say that you will certainly have to have the right kind of personality for a trip like this. The miles that you will cover will be a lot, but the per day numbers you need to do this aren't the hard part, it will be the burnout factor. Spending a month on the road by yourself, away from your family is a lot of time, even if you like solitude (Then again, if I wanted to be on the road by myself for a month without a job while my wife stayed home and worked, I'd probably expect even more solitude when I arrived home!)

    I'd say the best thing you can do is plan for this trip, but also be ready to turn around and head for home if you decide that you just aren't having fun anymore.

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    Burnout's a factor unless you love to drive (like me...).

    I did 10,473 miles to all 48 states in just over 15 days. It is doable. Especially the western stretches of the country where you can drive 75+ legally.

    Twice on my trip I drove over 1,000 miles in a day.

    I agree with Midwest Michael. Keep your options open. Maybe after two weeks you've just had enough. Keep a backup plan for when you can cut short and head back. And keep your options open to divert from your trip to take in a back road, see a park, etc.

    Even little state parks can be amazingly unique to someone not from the area.


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    Well I found out yesterday I didn't make the cut. So Dec 31st is my last day. So I have to figure out if I am going to do this or not. It is tough. She will be very mad at me. When my great grandfather was 18 he built a boat out of wood and made a trip down the ohio to the mississippi to Louisiana. He wrote a diary of the trip and is quite good. The inspiration comes from this document. I plan to video tape the trip if I do. Just might be what I need.

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    If you want an adventure do it on a motorcycle :)

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