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    I have Dec31st -Jan11th off and was planning on going up to Crater Lake, Or for a few days. Any ideas of where to go from there?? Looking for the safest route because of the time of year. Desert maybe?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You're going to have to help us out by giving us a whole lot more information before we can really help. First of all, where are you starting from? What do you think would be a fun way to spend your time?

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    It seems like you have an inkling of an idea of where you'd like to go - to the desert. Now, do you mean the desert in Washington or the Southwest? Are you looking for some warmth at that time of year? Where are you starting from?

  4. Default January trip ideas..

    Ok so I posted a responce on friday but it disapeered into interspace. I am leaving from Santa Rosa, CA which is about 1hr north of San Francisco. After talking with a friend who is coming we figured out this....skipping Crater Lake and instead heading down and across to Mojave desert, then prescott, and flag staff, az, onto Alburquerque,NM we couldn't realy figure out much to see in new mexico so if you have any ideas please let me know. From there we will head to colorado springs and denver, co, then to Moab, Monticello,salt lake, Ut and Winnemucca, Reno,NV and home again. We are thinking this will be a pretty great trip. Any ideas of must sees along this route let us know.Thanks firesky

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