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    First time poster and roadtripper!

    So my family and I are from California and know absolutely NOTHING about the East Coast.

    We are flying to New York and staying out there for a few days and want to drive to Orlando to meet up with my brother (who is at Disneyworld for an internship). We have three days to get to Orlando (is that enough??) and ideally would like to drive along the coast (at least most of the way).

    What are the best routes to take?
    What cities/areas should we stop in? For sure, we want to stop in Washington DC. We're not too interested in seeing museums, if that helps.
    What are good places to stop and eat? We LOVE to eat, so if anything, we would like to make this an eating road trip.

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    If you want to see something of Washington and the coast, then three days is the absolute minimum you'll need to get from New York to Orlando. By the most direct route, I-95, that's a two day drive leaving a half day to see something of D.C. and a half day to see something of the coast. What I'd suggest is that you try to get a very early start the day you leave New York, say 6 AM so that you beat at least some of the morning rush hour traffic. That will put you in Washington somewhat before noon. With your limited time, your best bet is to just walk the National Mall between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. You'll want to start on your way out of town no later than 3 PM to miss the evening rush hour even though you will be able to use the HOV diamond lanes. Plan on spending the night in the Richmond, VA area. Your second day will be your main driving day. Just continue down I-95 and spend the night near Savannah, GA. If you're there in the evening, take a stroll around some of its justifiably famous downtown squares. On your final day, you'll have time for the coast, either at a pristine National Park (walking required) or at the more accessible and built up resort towns of northern Florida, before making the final drive into Orlando on I-4.


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