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    Hey Guys,

    I'm from little old NZ and looking to go for a massive roadtrip through the states (all of them!) but aren't sure where to go!

    any suggestions would be great - hopefully it'll be me and a couple of mates aged 20-24 so any ideas would be awesome! any cool routes to drive or good cars would be awesome too! we're looking at going in our summer (nov-feb) which works out to be your winter, and want to start in New york city, and end in seattle or san fran, and then head up to canada if time and budget permits.

    any suggestions would be awesome!


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    Default a big place

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With a country as big as the US, plus throwing in Canada, there's simply no way that anyone can just come up with a generic list of suggestions of places to go in "all of the states". There are trillions of possibilities, and you have to decide what fits in with the goals of your trip. Once you get an idea of at least the main focus points, we can certainly help you fill in the gaps and tell you what will or will not work.

    Your biggest problem will likely be transportation. Being under 25 makes renting a car rather expensive, and anyone under 21 will likely not be able to drive the car. Combine that with the length of your trip, and you'll be spending several thousand dollars for any car possibility. What sort of budget do you have in mind for this trip?

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