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    Default Gulf South in January

    I've got tickets to go and see the 24 Hours at Daytona Rolex Series Race on January 24-25, 2009. I've also requested 4 vacation days during that time so that leaves me with time to explore the Gulf South. Very vague ideas of an itenerary follow.

    Wednesday, January 24 - Leave work and go to New Orleans. I'll probably book a hotel somewhere out in Metarie or Kenner.

    Thursday and Friday - Explore New Orleans in the morning. See what it looks like now since I haven't been since before Katrina. I'm thinking that I want to take I-10 to I-95 to get to Florida. I should arrive in Florida sometime on Friday and have a little bit of time to explore. I'm wide open here. I haven't been to Florida in 10 years and I'm not sure what's open in the Winter. I know that the Weeki Wachee Mermaids are NOT in operation. That's about all I know of Florida. As always I'm looking for the absurd and the historical.

    Saturday and Sunday - watch the race. I'm not sure how a 24 hour race works for the spectator. I haven't seen anything about camping at Daytona. I'm thinking that I can just go and catch a few hours of sleep in my car. Has anyone been?

    Sunday afternoon - have a hotel around Daytona to crash at overnight.

    Monday and Tuesday - take US Highway 1 north to US Highway 90 all the way over to New Orleans and then homeward bound to north Louisiana. I would love to find some cool things to see along that path.

    Like I said, this is very vague right now. I saw the dates of the race and decided that I'm going to be in desparate need of a vacation and a roadtrip during that time.

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    Default Not Too Far Off the Path

    Without wandering too far off the I-10/I-95 or US-1/US-90 paths, you could take in Okefenokee Swamp, including renting a canoe or low-power boat; drink from the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine as well as tour one of the oldest European buildings in North America; and while not nearly as famous as its counterpart in Charleston harbor, Fort Massachusetts is a similar Civil War fort reachable only by a ferry ride from Gulfport. None of those qualify in the "world's largest ball of string" category, but each is unique and under visited.


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    I would actually suggest a full day in St. Augustine, especially if you like historic sites. They have holiday lights up through the end of January I believe, which are supposed to be beautiful. I recently spent a full weekend there with my son. We really enjoyed the Old Town Trolley tours, very informative, and they provide free parking and stops all over downtown, including a beach bus to the beaches, the alligator farm, and the lighthouse. And the ticket is good for three days. We also loved the scenic cruise we took on the first day so much that we did it again the second, and saw dolphins in the bay on both days. We haven't been to it yet, but I hear the Castillo De San Marcos fort is amazing. Also, if you're looking for a reasonably priced restaurant, check out Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille. It's my favorite restaurant. The food is amazing and the courtyard dining is gorgeous (though in January, despite being in Florida, you might actually want a sweater). So far as I know, Harry's in only in Florida. I'm sure the view from the St. Augustine location is better when the Bridge of Lions isn't under repair, but it's still worth a visit.

    Oh, and you can find a book of ads and coupons all over the place. I know we saw them a lot of different places, but the only place I can recall for sure is the Dairy Queen we stopped at.

    And if you end up in Orlando, Sea World is my favorite of all of those attractions. Love sea life, in case you can't tell. lol.

    Historic Tours
    Scenic Cruise

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    Default St. Augustine

    Duh on my part. It's one of those cities that I've always wanted to visit since I learned that it's the city that one of my ancestors settled in when she came over from the West Indies in the years before the Revolutionary War.

    Civil war sights are always on my list of must sees. Yet again I was raised on stories of my ancestors fighting in that war. Um - I live in Louisiana and am by no means a first generation Louisianian so I guess y'all can guess what side they were on. :)

    Thanks to both of y'all. That is definitely the kind of things I was looking for. I'm always up for the tacky but I generally visit and revisit the historic.

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