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  1. Default Bend Oregon to Kalamazoo Mi

    Greetings. Thanks for a very informative site.
    I will be driving from Bend Or. on Dec. 12 heading to Kalamazoo Mi.

    Obviously Hwy 20 to I-84 to I-80 to I-94 is the quickest.

    I am just unsure of that route during this time of year.

    If I went a more Southern route and came up through Oklahoma to Missouri to Chicago would I be avoiding anything mountain wise, weather wise?

    Or is there just as much or more mountain passes and weather on that Southern Route.

    I would prefer to do this trip in 4 days but can do more. Not interested in sight seeing this time around.

    Thank you


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    Default No Need to Spend a Day to (Maybe) Save a Day

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The route you've laid out is the only one that can be finished in four days. If you were to go as far south as I-40 you'd do not much more than add more than a day to your drive time, meaning more opportunities to experience bad weather. If you have additional time to use if necessary, then the best way to allocate that time is not to drive more miles, but to drive the fewest at the best possible time. At worst, the route you've laid out might be closed or weather bound for a day during your journey. If that's the case, just sit out that day wherever you happen to be and enjoy the fresh snowfall while walking around a small town. Let the road crews do their work, and get back to yours when the roads are once again clear.


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    Bad weather is even possible on I-10, which is as far south as you can go.

  4. Default thanks for the replies

    We will take our time.

    It is nice to get some confirmation.

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