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    Default Bon voyage.

    Looks like the authorities are keeping the green 1-94W form a while longer before doing away with it.

    From FAQ’s

    Q: If a VWP traveler has received ESTA™ approval, does he or she also need to fill out an I-94W?

    A: ESTA will allow DHS to eventually eliminate the requirement that VWP travelers complete a paper Form I-94W prior to being admitted to the United States. While DHS continues to work together with the airlines to fully automate the I-94W process, all VWP travelers applying for admission at a U.S. port of entry, including VWP travelers who have obtained travel authorization via ESTA, must present a completed Form I-94W to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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    I have filled out the online questions and got approval for travel to the United States. Now is it just a matter of giving the airline your ESTA approval number before I fly? Or do you print it all out and take it with you? Apparently its not possible to even board the plane without the approval.


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    You have your approval so just print off a copy and keep it with you on your travels. Unlikely you will be asked to show it unless there is some query as everything is now computerised.

    I read that the authorities are still asking for completion of the green 1-94W form on the plane for the initial stages of the scheme – there was mention of six months which would take it to June 09. Hopefully then it will only be the online form filling which is necessary.

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