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    Myself and two friends are going across the states from the end of January till the beginning of July. We've got our visas sorted and a route planned but we're realy stuck about how to do the majority of our travelling. We're tempted to hire a car but we're all 22 so the prices will be high. I've looked into buying one too but I can't find anywhere that tells me whether I can get insurance even though I'm not a US citizen. If it comes to it we'll greyhound it all the way but we really wanted a road trip style adventure (3 girls on a greyhound might not be super safe either...). Has anyone got any advice or tips? There are three of us so we can split the cost three ways which helps a little bit. Any recommendations for places to go would also be greatly appreciated!



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    Default not cheap, but possibly possible

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    Since you plan to be on the road for 6 months, there are three of you to break up the costs, and you'd face a surcharge for renting, then I think buying could be a cost effective option for you. Here is a recent thread that discusses some of the things you'll need to think about if you buy a car.

    With 3 of you, I don't think safety would be too big of an issue on a bus, but it certainly isn't the same as the freedom that you'd get doing a roadtrip.

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    Default Amtrak?

    If you don't want to go the route of buying or renting there is also Amtrak in addition to Greyhound. Amtrak is more expensive, but it gets you around much faster.

    From personal experience I can tell you that Greyhound was safe. I used to take the 3am bus out of Shreveport, LA and arrive in New Orleans, LA at 10am. You do stop at every little town along the way therefore it takes a long time to get everywhere, but it's also a cheap alternative. I always rode alone and only had one creepy experience and even that wasn't frightening, just annoying. I did meet a lot of cool people and heard lots of stories that I wouldn't have heard otherwise.

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