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    Default Extended road trip USA

    Greetings from North Norfolk, UK. Myself (Dave) and partner Marie are planning to purchase an RV in the Houston area, with a view to touring as much of America and possibly Canada as we can. We wish to start from Houston as Marie has a son living there. We have travelled through Europe and the UK in motorhomes, but never ventured across to the USA. We would welcome suggestions on possible routes, especially taking into account weather conditions at different times of the year.

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    Default A blank canvass

    Hi Dave and Marie welcome to the R.T.A forums,

    I think you have found a good place to start researching for your trip but I think you need to have a look around gather some ideas and let us know roughly how long you are planning to tour, what your interests are and so on before we can begin to help, there a million and one possibilities.
    I would get out the map and search the forums for info and the roadtrip planning section [in the green tool bar at the top of the page] for inspiration and come back with a bit more info for us to work with.

    Having a son living over there will make the whole process of buying and registering an R.V a lot easier. As for the weather and travelling you will find the "snowbirds" head from the North to South for the winter in there R.V's looking for warmer climes.

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    Default Extended USA Roadtrip

    Hi Dave, thanks for the initial advice, we do appreciate the sheer size and diversity of touring opportunities within the US. We really want to visit as many of the natural wonders as possible. We will take on board your comments, and once we have decided on a start date, we will post further threads.
    Best wishes Marie & Dave

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    Default Plannings great !

    Hi Marie and Dave,

    The A-Z links directory has thousands of suggestions for you to browse, and for natural wonders the National parks website is full of useful info, including camping with the R.V.
    These were our favorite places to stop overnight, right in the heart of it all.
    You will see that you can purchase an annual pass, valid for one year that will get you entrance to all parks [not including camping fees] for one year for $80. After 4 parks you should have broke even on your investment.
    The R.V's over there are amazing and so much better equipped than over here in the U.K.
    To get an insight as to what you can expect feel free to have a look at our R.V. roadtrip in the Southwest.

    and once we have decided on a start date, we will post further threads.
    Don't hesitate to keep asking questions, but all posts regarding this trip will be best placed in this thread so that we can all see the trip planning from start to finish.

    Have fun planning, it's a great part of the adventure.


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    Default So much to see and do

    Hi Dave and Marie -

    My husband and I did exactly what you are talking about. We took a year and traveled all 48 of the contiguous states, saw all 43 (now 46) of our National Parks in those states, saw hundreds of other national historical parks, national monuments, etc. and had the time of our lives. All along the way, people would say "Oh we'd love to do what you are doing, but what did you do about..." and the list would begin. It seems that questions like yours (how do I plan the trip) to others like what do I do with my house, cars, bills, insurance, grandkids, etc. are what really stump people. Phil and I tried to put together the answers to all those questions for folks like you. Take a look at our website and see if you can't find some of the answers. - after looking around, I'm always available to help with specific questions, but as someone else said, your question is just too broad at this point.

    Mark also has a very nice review of "Live Your Road Trip Dream" right here on this site.

    Carol White
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