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    Default Two Irish Girls Driving from Tampa to New York Summer '09!

    A friend and I are planning a trip from Tampa (family living there) to New York in July '09. We have approximately 4 weeks to do it and have absolutely NO idea where to stop off! We want to stick to the coast as much as possible and stay away from big cities.
    Any advice would be appreciated!!

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    Default 4 weeks, lucky you!

    You certainly have a nice amount of time to explore.

    Hi Susie and welcome to the R.T.A. forums,

    I am not familiar with the area you are travelling but there are some great resources that can be found with the search button and by looking at roadtrip planning pages untill someone comes along.

    Here's an excellent thread with useful links to get you started. You can also get many ideas from the A-Z of States list.

  3. Default Outter Banks, Chesapeke Bay Bridge Tunnel,and NJ-DE ferry

    When traveling up, some places defently worth checking out are the Outter Bank through NC, Chesapeke Bay Bridge Tunnel and the NJ-DE ferry!

    Links to all 3
    Outte Banks
    Chesapeke Bay Bridge Tunnel
    Delaware-New Jersey ferry

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