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  1. Default New York to Chicago--Teen?

    A buddy of mine and I, 17, are thinking about doing a road trip this summer. We have done some short trips, to the beach, to relatives, and have had success. We both have NJ driver's licenses.

    I have a lot of family in Chicago who would be happy to keep us for a few days while we explore the city. I have driven this distance in one day with my mom ( a long day!) and it was cool, but with a friend, we'd want to space it out. I have been reading up on the forum and see it is difficult to get motel rooms for minors.

    Is this just too ambitious, or is there a way to make it work?

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    Default excellent idea

    Welcome back to the RTA Forum!

    I think a trip to Chicago, where you've got family, is an excellent way to wade into cross country travel on your own.

    Motels along the way will be tough, as most do require you to be at least 18. However, camping should be a good option. There may be a few place with age requirements, especially with private campgrounds, but it shouldn't be too hard to find a place to camp. I'd start with checking with the state parks systems in PA, OH, and IN and see if they have any age restrictions, just to be sure. Even if they do, you can look for county parks and other local areas that often will just have self registration.

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    You won't get to see much or take any side trips, but a 1 day run from NJ to Chicago is very easy for 2 young healthy drivers. I used to do it by myself routinely when I was in the military stationed in Chicago and had parents in NJ. I'd never do it by myself now though.

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