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    Hopefully someone can help me a little, Iím super late planning this trip, but sure thatís the fun of it all. Iím flying from Ireland to Florida (Sarasota) this Thursday Nov 20, I plan on leaving Sarasota on the Monday 24 and want to arrive in Charleston SC on Thursday 27 November. I havenít even looked at a map and I am wondering if anyone could tell me what I should see on my way up (if thereís anything) and any recommendations on where I should stay for my 3 nights on the road. Iím a young irish guy on my own travelling so Iím looking so a hotel with a least a good bar in it or close to it. Cheers for your help

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    Cťad MŪle FŠilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You could make the drive from Sarasota to Charleston in a day if that's what you wanted, so clearly you'll have lots of time to see a few things on your way up. What's available ranges from the truly kitschy, to unique ecosystems, to pristine seacoast, to literally out of this world.

    I wouldn't try to find good night life in your hotel/motel. Local young singles will be much more likely to be hanging out in local pubs associated with an in-house brewery. Just don't expect anyone on this side of the Atlantic to know the proper temperature to serve Guinness.

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    I am planning on making the trip from Hudson Valley NY to Sarasota FL over the summer. So I haven't the first clue of where to go or places to stay. But I wanted to say I hope you have a wonderful time. And some mighty craic! I'm from Kilkenny myself, and have been in NY for 13 years. I'll be looking for recommendations after your travels :-)

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    Babyheart, this trip appears to have been made in 2008!

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