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  1. Default driving 3 small kids 2000 miles?!

    Is it crazy for us to consider driving from Madison, Wisconsin to Portland, Oregon with a 2, 4 and 7 year old? We are not looking to sight-see, and would drive straight there (stopping only for gas and to let kids play a few times). We would love to fly, but it would cost us $2500 vs. $340 to drive in our Honda Civic. The total trip time is estimated at 30 hours.

    We would go over Christmas break, does anyone know what I-94 is like during December? Im afraid of getting stuck in a snowstorm! Maybe it would be worth the extra $2000 to fly????

    Please help!

    (we have also looked into taking a train, that would take 45 hours and cost almost as much as flying, so going by train is out of the question)

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    First of all, despite what Google or any other computer map program might tell you, a trip from Madison to Portland can't be measured in hours. Its a 2,000 mile trip, which realistically, you're going to need 4 days to cover. That puts you on the road for close to 10 hours a day, giving you just enough time to stop for a few short breaks where your kids can get out of the car and burn off some energy.

    While a Train might take 45 hours, it actually is traveling straight through. You don't have to stop because of your own physical requirements.

    If you are hoping to drive straight through, not only would it guarentee that your family would be miserable, it would be recklessly unsafe. There simply is no way that 2 people can drive that kind of distance without time for sleep and to let your body recover from the physical strain of sitting in a car for hours at end. Remember, professional truck drivers have rules the limit how far they can drive in one day because of safety limitations: you aren't a professional, and you'll be traveling with 3 small children.

    And Yes, Winter is certainly in full swing, and you'd certainly have the possibility of hitting a snowstorm. While its entirely possible that the weather will be clear, there simply isn't a cross country route that never sees winter weather in December.

    Ultimately the decision is yours, and you didn't say how much time you have total for this trip. I certainly think that a cross country trip can be a great experience for a family. However, if you can't give yourself at least 4 days each way for this trip, then I don't think driving is a good option for you. Its not worth putting your family through a miserable experience, and I certainly wouldn't want to put a need to get somewhere at a certain time ahead of the safety of my family.

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