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  1. Default Sailed EU -> NY now want to truck to CA

    Hi all,

    I want to go on an unusual roadtrip. I have sailed here to New York from Europe, and I'd like to take my boat overland to Berkeley. I have a trailer down in Georgia I can use (I'll pick that up with a friends car and bring it to NY), however I need a one-way rental with unlimited miles which could tow my 6500lbs boat across to California. I think something like an E350 Econovan, or a Ford F250.

    Has anyone seen such a vehicle that is affordable, which I can drive one-way?


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    Default Towing Trouble

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Towing is generally forbidden by any rental car contract, so I think this will be a major challenge to find exactly what you are describing.

    The only real option I can think of would be to rent a Moving Truck from Uhaul or similar company. That would put you on a pretty strict timeline, and would offer only enough miles to cover basically the direct route (not unlimited), but its the only kind of rental vehicle I can think of that might allow you to do what you are talking about. Even there, you'd have to make sure that they allow you to pull your own trailer, and that their hitch would work with your trailer.

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    Default Boat transport

    Hello Nick,

    I'm with MM on this one: I do not know of national or regional vehicle rental companies which rent vehicles for the purposes of towing a trailer OTHER than something like a car-hauler trailer which they also rent to you. Perhaps there are some, and perhaps you can find a one-way, but I'd be mighty surprised if you could.

    And even if you could find the rental truck or van, I'm seeing a 2,000 mile multi-day round-trip to and from Georgia followed by a 3,000 mile tow of a 6,500 lb boat, which would probably be on a 1500 lb trailer, for total towed weight of 7,500 lb. It would not surprise me for the fuel cost alone of 5,000 miles of driving and towing to exceed $1200-1500, more if you have a diesel engined tow vehicle.

    There are quite a number of firms which specialize in boat transport. One sees them regularly on the East Coast, where northeast residents transport their boats to and from Florida rather than run them down the ICW or personally towing them. Surely there are tranporters which will haul your boat to CA, and the price might be very competitive with the truck rental, fuel, motels, and contingency costs of fetching a trailer and hauling it yourself.

    Have you considered routine commercial boat transport services?


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