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    This is my first post, and I look forward to reading much of the forum in the coming days and weeks! Last August I drove US 24, a highway which begins in Pontiac, MI and goes past Colorado Springs and up towards Vail. Some photos and info can be found on my website, but I wonder if anyone else has done this trip? If not, it is a backroad humdinger! US 24 runs N/S between Detroit and Toledo, then E/W from there. I don't know of too many other highways that have this distinction! I have pictures of the highway signs to prove it! Anyway, highlights include a large section in Ohio along the Maumee River, and likewise in Indiana along the Wabash. Both of these segments have a lot of canal history to explore along the way. In Illinois there are great bridges over the river in Peoria (and a restored, lively riverfront in that city), many beautiful parks along the Mississippi in Quincy (and more scenic bridges), winding and hilly roads in Missouri, the great expanse of Kansas (where I was alone on the road most of the time), and the excitement of approaching the mountains at last in Colorado. I clocked 3747 miles on this trip.
    Two years ago I drove backroads from Detroit to El Paso, then the long way through New Mexico, around to Albuquerque and back home. That was 4343miles. Look forward to getting to know some of you, and finding suggestions for future trips! Stop by the website to see some pics when you have time.
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    Default thanks for sharing

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Thanks for sharing your trip information. How did you decide to take US-24 as your primary route?

    Have you explored any of the Lincoln Highway, it sounds like that would be right up your alley.

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    I had poked along this highway on daytrips from Detroit as far as Defiance Ohio, and always wondered where the road led. I've done US 40 from Indianapolis westward, and US 66 from Tulsa to Gallup, but had never done a whole highway before. Since the start of US 24 is right outside my Canadian door, and we were heading to Colorado, the fit was perfect. Except for pockets of madness near major cities (Detroit, Toledo, Fort Wayne, Peoria, both Kansas Citys, Colorado Springs) the highway is surprisingly quiet.
    Funny you should mention the Lincoln Highway--I just recently saw the PBS documentary on this road and I am now officially curious and interested...

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    Default The doumentary featured a Forum member!

    Quote Originally Posted by beorn View Post
    Funny you should mention the Lincoln Highway--I just recently saw the PBS documentary on this road and I am now officially curious and interested...
    One of the people featured in that PBS documentary was Brian Butko who wrote the excellent guide book "Greetings from the Lincoln Highway" -- here is my review of his book.


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    Default Lincoln Highway Book

    Thanks for that, Mark. Glad you mentioned armchair travel, as that is my second favourite way to see the world! The book sounds great.


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