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    Planning a trip to Austin, TX from Toronto, Ontario. Please help with any useful tip. Planning to take I-69 South, three days (7-8 hours drive) to reach Austin. Any on route attraction worth considering?

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    Austin is 1650 miles (2640 km) from Toronto. That is going to require 3 solid days of driving 10 hours a day to make it. If you can only put in 7 hours a day, you'll have to plan on 4 days. Even at that, you're not leaving any time for delays due to weather. Clearly, you won't have much time for sight seeing, but there are places to stop for rests.


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    I have done similar trip twice in the other direction: Dallas to Toronto.
    Once I went from Dallas, St Louis, Indianapolis, Toledo, Detroit, Toronto. The other time I drove from Dallas, Nashville, Louisville, Columbus, Buffalo, and Toronto. Both times it took 2 1/2 days. Since both trips were sort of speed run, I didn't really get chance to stop and see the sights. However, I found that scenery @ 70 MPH was better looking on my 2nd drive from Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

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    Thanks for replying. In google maps, it is showing about 25 hours of solid driving. That is why I put around 8 hours (solid, with break maybe 9 hours) daily. On the way there I have found, "Mammoth Cave National Park" worth visiting. By the way, MSN map is showing I-57 south while google map is using I-69. Which one is to be preferred? Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The time estimates you'll get from any mapping software are based on you're being able to drive at or above the speed limit constantly. They do not take into account traffic, construction, border crossings, getting gas, stopping for meals, or even rest stops. The collective experience of most regular long distance travelers is that they are totally unrealistic. When I'm on the road, I plan for 10 hours 'in the car' which includes all the activities listed above except for meals which I plan on as part of my 'stopping and visiting' time. In that 10 hours I plan on getting about 550 miles of driving in, maybe 600 on a really good day.

    Now, I also schedule about 4 hours each day out of the car doing stuff: Walking around small towns, visiting parks and wildlife refuges, going to museums. That's a pace and a travel style that I can keep up day after day and still enjoy the trip. Note that I only spend shower, shave and sleep time in the motel. If that's a style that would work for you, then you can cover a goodly amount of ground and still see an attraction or two each day. But whatever you do, don't take time estimates from Google at face value.

    From Detroit southward to Memphis, I-75/I-71/I-65/I-40 would take you by Cincinnati, Mammoth Caves and Nashville, while I-69/I-70/I-57/I-55 would take you through Indianapolis, Illinois and down a bit of the Mississippi River. There is only about a 10 mile difference in length between the two possibilities, so just have a look at what's along both of them and see which one you'd prefer, or use one way down and the other back.


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    AZ knows of what he speaks! Excellent summary of a typical high quality day on the road. Best to add the extra day and enjoy life a little.

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