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    Default Florida to NY Need help

    I will be driving from Florida to New York in late June. It will be a 21 year old and a 16 year old. I have no clue where to stop and what to do. I have a max of 6 days to complete the trip. I did hear from my grandparents that South of the Border is on the way. Is that place any good. This will be my first road trip where I can stop where ever, I have driven from FL to NY before but couldn't stop anywhere. I drove the whole way on 95 and made it in 2 days. Is there another more scenic route to take for some states. Money will be tight but the gas expense will not be an issue as I am driving the car up for my grandma and she is paying for it. And any good suggestions on where to stop for the night.

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    Default First Decision(s)

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    You can get from even the most remote spot in Florida (Key West) to New York City in 3 days. If you're starting from anywhere around or north of Orlando, you can make it in 2. So your first choice is: Do you really want to take a more scenic route than I-95? You certainly have time for it. Then if you decide you want to go another way, you have two main choices, you can head inland a bit and follow the Appalachian Mountains using such roads as I-75/I-81, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive - OR you can head up the coast following mostly US-17 and US-13 with excursions to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Delmarva Peninsula. Both of those ways have many things to recommend them and are discussed in a number of threads on these forums. If money is really tight, you can save on your biggest expense (lodging) by camping out at some of the numerous national, state and local parks along the way (assuming you have even minimal camping equipment available to you.

    South of the Border is a famous tourist draw in Dillon, SC on I-95. You literally can't miss it. I ate there once during a memorable downpour coming back from a Spring Break in Daytona Beach. I'd call it worth a stop if you happen to be going by when you're hungry, but otherwise you can safely miss it and suffer no great loss.


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    Default Do you have any more advice?

    I like the idea of following the coast. And yes I do have camping equipment available. Besides the Outer Banks in North Carolina, what other stops are there. We are interested in parks, scenic places and even small little towns to visit.
    I was thinking of following the coast as far up as I can, my cousin wanted to cross the Chesapeake Bay bridge/tunnel. Then we were looking into going to D.C. other wise we would like to following the coast.

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    Default NC coast and Eastern Shore of VA and MD

    Hello hskee77,

    Some stops worth considering on the "coast route" would include Carolina Beach State Park, located some 10 miles down US 421 from US 17 at Wilmington. The park has a nice campground, marina, trails, and is just a mile or so from the oceanfront of Carolina Beach. The NC state park system now accepts reservations, too, so be sure to book ahead. The CBSP can also be accessed from the south by taking the Southport-Fort Fisher ferry across the Cape Fear River.

    Traveling the NC coast involves other ferries, too. Staying right on the coast would involve the Cedar Island-Ocracoke Ferry and the Ocracoke-Hatteras ferry. The former is very busy in summertime and reservations are not required but are strongly advised to avoid lengthy waits for an unreserved spot. The latter is a short run, every hour or so, so reservations are not needed.

    Even traveling a little farther inland can put you on the Cherry Point-Minnesott Beach Ferry and the ferry across the Pamlico River to the north of that (Bayville ferry?). From there, your looking at a very remote string of fishing villages along US 264 to Mann's Harbor and Manteo, where you rejoin civilization.

    After crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT) Virginia's Eastern Shore features Kiptopeake State Park with nice campgrounds and a pier overlooking the Bay. Farther up are a number of camping facilities and motels at Chincoteague Island, adjacent to the ocean beach at Assateague National Seashore. This area will be crowded in summertime, particularly on weekends, so book ahead if you're interested in stopping. There's a road roughly paralleling US 13, to the east, from Chincoteague all the way down to Cape Charles and it passes through a number of very small communities and fishing villages. In some places it's shown as "Seaside Road" and carries other local names elsewhere. It's a nice, slow drive through farm and fishing villages country.

    If you save DC for the return trip, just consider staying on the coast to Lewes, DE and take the Lewes-Cape May ferry to the southern part of the Jersey Shore, and thence to the NYC area.


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