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    I am thinking of driving down the west coast - maybe Seattle to San Francisco, then LA and onto Las Vegas, finally ending up in Dallas at Xmas to see a friend.

    I was just wondering what the weather is going to be like on the west coast during the december time ? I know its not going to be constantly sunny and I don't mind the odd shower and autmun like days - but is it going to rain down all the time and be very dark ??!!

    I've heard the pacific highway drive is supposed to be pretty good from San Fran to LA ?? Is it worth it at this time of year ??

    Also I was thinking of driving from Seattle at the start to Calgary and around the Yukon area - would this be possible or is it going to be snowed in ??

    Sorry for all the questions !!

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    Well, if I could predict the weather this far out I could retire after a week's worth of prognostication. All I can tell you is what things are like on average. They'll be cold and wet in Seattle when you start out and warm and often wet by the time you get to Los Angeles or San Diego. November through March (typically) is the rainy season on the west coast.

    The Pacific Coast Highway is incredibly scenic for its entire length, including north of San Francisco, and is well worth the extra time it takes to drive. But it does take time to drive - roughly twice as long as it would take to cover the distance on one of the inland freeways. As a rough guess, I'd say your trip from Seattle to Dallas via the PCH is going to take 6 days plus whatever time you want to spend seeing things.

    Adding Calgary to your trip would require at least 3 days just for the driving, trying to include both Calgary and the Yukon (say Whitehorse) would take 10 days minimum just to get you back to Seattle. My guess is that you don't have that kind of extra time.


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    Thanks for the response !!

    After doing a bit more research I think the Calgary/Yukon part of the trip might be best to leave out - not sure of the weather but it looks like it'll be bloody cold with the possibility of some roads getting closed. Can't afford to get held up soemwhere.

    I think I would stick to the coastal drive where I can and maybe take Yosemite in instead.

    I think I will have about 3 weeks in total so plenty of time to explore.

    I've been to Zion/Bryce/Moab, etc on a previous trip.

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