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    I am a Travel Agent and have been hired to plan a Road Trip for a Couple getting married on March 14, 2009 in Atlanta, GA. They will start out from outside Atlanta, GA at the Chataueu Elan Spa Resort and their final destination will at the Paradise Point Spa Resort in San Diego where they will spend 7 days . They love the spa and want to stop in 10hr increments. The groom is from Chicago so consider this is not an unfamiliar place. The total trip should take only 2 weeks including their final 7 days in San Diego.
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    I always find that its a little odd when people turn to someone else to plan their roadtrip. Personal Freedom is really the hallmark of a great trip in my book, and its hard to do that when you are traveling on someone elses plan. But anyway...

    10 Hour driving days seems like a very odd choice considering the relaxing, luxurious elements of this trip. 10 hours certainly can be done, but it doesn't give much time to enjoy the trip and stop to see things along the way. It also isn't really needed because you can make the trip in about 4 days at that pace. The stops would be roughly at Shreveport LA, Midland TX, and Lordsburg NM, but I have my doubts that any of those places have 5 star resorts.

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