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  1. Default North Carolina to New York.

    I am planning to drive from Raleigh in NC to the New York City area next fall. Any advice on routes and particularly great places to stay or exciting things to see on the way is needed as i am pretty clueless at this stage! Thanks.

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    Default The Poconos, Delaware Valley

    Hi Neighbor,

    In the Spring of 2007, my wife and I drove from Raleigh to Kingston, NY to spend a few nights with family and attend our nephew's graduation from West Point. I detest DC-Baltimore and NYC area traffic and would have had a heavy dose of the latter by virtue of passing by at rush hour on a Thursday, so I chose a route which I figured to be some 80 miles longer, but much less stressful and likely faster overall.

    I took US 1, I-85, I-95 up to just north of Fredericksburg, VA. Thence US 17 to US 29/15 north at Warrenton, VA. Thence US 15 north to and through Frederick, MD, Gettysburg, PA to Harrisburg, PA. Thence I-81 through the Pocono Mountains to Scranton, PA, thence I-84 east to Newburgh, NY where I-84 intersects the NY State Thruway (I-87).

    There are a few miles of non-4 lane along the US 15 segment, but it traverses some spectacular Virginia horse country farm terrain. The MD and PA segments are very hilly and scenic, and if your trip were to coincide with the Autumn colors, from Harrisburg on up could be very colorful.

    If I recall correctly, that route, to Kingston, was right at 700 miles and Mapquest told me it'd have been some 625 through DC, Baltimore, Philly, the NYC/NJ suburbs, and on up the Thruway for the final 110 mi to Kingston. We ran a solid 80mph all the way from Harrisburg to Kingston and would likely have been in stop-and-roll traffic for an hour or two going the other way, so perhaps we made out better, or at least no worse, by swinging the 80 mi west through the Poconos.

    Enjoy the planning and the trip!


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    Default I'll Second That

    I've traveled the section of US-15 that Foy mentions several times and it is quite different than trying to force your way up through Washington and Baltimore. If you are at all a history buff, two spots you should look at for stops and some exercise are Antietam and Gettysburg. And depending on exactly where you're headed in the "New York city area", I might also be able to suggest a 'back way' into the city.

    One other possibility for a route, particularly in the fall when there'll be less tourist traffic, is to follow the coast via Norfolk, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, US-13, US-50, DE-1, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, and the Garden State Parkway. Some stops along the way would include Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Ocean City, Lewes, and Atlantic City. You might use one way up and the other back


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    Default And I'll second your second


    Surely AZ Buck's eastern route is very scenic and enjoyable, too. One can overnight at Chincoteague Village and drive over the causeway to the ocean beach at Assateague Nat Seashore, where a very nice modern visitor center/museum awaits you. From the visitor center, it's just a mile or two farther to a parking area directly on the beach. A number of boardwalk trails allow the visitor to traverse salt marsh areas and the bird-watching, especially in the Fall, can be wonderful. Chincoteague is about 6-6.5 hours from Raleigh, allowing for a nice, long stop on the First Island (aka South Island) of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT), located about 3.5-4.0 hours from Raleigh, in Virginia Beach. The First Island is the only place one can stop on the CBBT and most first-timers enjoy a good stretch of the legs and the opportunity for a close-up view of commercial and US Navy shipping passing with in 200-300 yards of the Island. There's a small diner and gift shop there, too, as well as a long fishing pier to walk out on. If the wind is not blowing whitecaps, the First will be surrounded by small fishing boats during striped bass season (Oct 4-Dec 31), and one of them may well be mine.

    I've been told overnighting at Lewes, DE (pronounced LEW-ess) or Cape May, NJ is very nice, also. I think reservations for the Cape May ferry between the two are either required or highly advisable. I'm recalling it's about a 2-2.5 hour ride across Delaware Bay on the ferry.

    Oh, if your Fall trip coincides with the now-infamous "Punkin' Chunkin'" at Lewes, don't figure on finding motel accomodations on that side of the ferry. I believe the event now draws tens of thousands. First weekend in November, if I recall correctly.

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    If it isn't too out of the way and you have enough time go across North Carolina to I-26 as you enter Tennessee. That should be great fall colors in the mountain area.

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