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    Im a new forum user but this seems like a great place to start.

    I'm planning a trip to the west coast in April 09 and am looking for some help and advice. We're a young couple who are looking for an exciting adventure, we're not religous or interrested in history. we'd like to visit and do as much as we can in 2 weeks so are not bothered about staying in one place for too long but with enough time to see and do everything. Saying that we don't really want to spend every day on the road either so we can enjoy all the places we visit but are expecting to do a lot of travelling. We're thinking of flying into LAX and taking it from there. Places we'd like to visit are LA, San Fran, Vegas, and Phoenix maybe Malibu but not sure its feasible to fit it all in to one trip or whether these are the best places to visit with the time we've got. HELP!!! What do you recommend?? where should we go and what shouldn't we miss?!

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    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    The West coast area is one of the most popular trips and offers so much. You will find lots of info searching the forums and This thread has lots of good links to read up on.
    You have mentioned city's of interest but you will also notice there are some of the best National parks within easy reach such as Yosemite and the Grand canyon along with the desert landscape of Death valley
    I would say all 3 are unmissable, but there are also a million and one other things to do and what appeals to one may not to another.
    I would have a search and see what is "your thing" and then we can help you piece your trip together.
    With 2 weeks it would be possible to travel route 1 up the coast, cross to Yosemite and then cross Death valley into Las Vegas and see the Grand canyon. It might be worth considering flying in to LAX and out of LV.
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    My husband and I visited California for the first time last April, and did a whirlwind road-trip in 3 weeks. We loved everything - the cities, the parks, the Sierras, and on & on. But the most memorable, and most romantic thing we did, was searching out and exploring the natural hot springs of CA - we actually visited ten undeveloped hot springs, so if you like adventure and sometimes a bit of a hike, I would definitely recommend checking some out. Deep Creek Hot Springs, near San Bernardino & Hesperia was our absolute favourite.



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