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    Default NY to Portland Oregon

    Hi everyone, new here and looking for a little bit of advice.

    Me and my new wife are thinking about doing a road trip from New York to Oregon. I have never been to America before so not sure whether to stick North along the border or go South and around.
    We are thinking about renting a cheapo camper and driving about in that, we both love the outdoors and love places with tradition and good food so anywhere that takes these in will be brilliant. I have done a few road trips around Scotland and Australia before but nothing on this scale. Any advice regarding times, costs where to go (or maybe to avoid!) would be hugely appreciated

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Couple of Questions

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It would be a shame to miss any of America if this is your first (and perhaps only) time here, but nonetheless choices must be made. The choice of route will, in particular, depend on how much time you'll have for the trip. It takes about a week minimum to cross the continent. With two weeks, you start to open up the possibilities for sampling the outdoors and various lifestyles that the United States (and Canada?) have to offer. With three weeks, you can hit most of the different regions, etc. So my first questions are, how much time will you have for the trip and what is your preferred pace of travel. It's the answer to those two which will determine how much of the country you can see. My next questions have to do with your thoughts on renting a 'cheapo camper'. Is this driven by budgetary constraints or do you prefer to be on outdoor settings most of the time. Would you be just as comfortable in a good tent? Camping options are plentiful everywhere, and tenting will cut down on gas costs and often on camping fees and you can probably buy whatever equipment you don't already have for what the lowest cost camper or RV would rent for over a few days. Once we've got those questions answered we can start helping you set up a framework for your trip that will be suitable to your tastes.


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    Default A starting point

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its great to have an idea to do a roadtrip, but honestly, many of the questions you're asking aren't really the kinds of things we can answer for you yet. The great thing about roadtrips is the number of variables that makes every trip unique.

    For a starting point, I think you simply need to figure out what it is you hope to achieve with this trip, answering the basic questions. First of all, where do you want to go and what do you want to see. There are millions of possibilities in the US, so just start with the big things like national parks, cities, and things like that. No one here can tell you if you should go north or south, unless you know what you want to do. Presumably, you are starting in New York and ending in Oregon for a reason, so that should help too.

    The same is basically true with time and budget. It takes as much as you can afford to spend. Its roughly a 5-7 day trip one way across the country, so that is the starting point. Your budget will depend upon the amount of time you are traveling, and your particular travel style (where you stay, eat, etc). I will note, there really isn't such a thing as a "Cheapo" camper. A camper or RV can be a great way to see and travel across the US, but its almost never the cheapest option.

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    Hi Guys
    Thanks for the advice and sorry for the delayed reply, I don't get on this thing as often as I would like!
    We were thinking about going in about a years time (maybe less if I get my way) and were planning on going when we actually leave the UK to head to sunnier climes so ending up on the West coast would be the way to go as we can get a flight from there to Australia where we plan to live. Both of us will be quitting our jobs here and were planning on taking about a month do do the trip and we would be doing it a reasonably slow pace. We will have a fair bit of savings to take with us as well.
    Looks like the cheapo camper option is a no go by the sound of it. It was how I got around Australia so I assumed it was a possiblity in the US. Probably wouldn't go as expensive as an RV, so maybe a car + tent and occasional hotel/motel would be an option.

    I'll write a bit more lunchbreaks are almost non-existant.

    Cheers Guys

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    Default A million and one possibility's

    Hi Bob,
    Sunnier climes, heh. I don't blame you, looking out my window it's dark, very wet and very, very windy here on the south coast, Lol.

    That's a major adventure coming up with endless opportunity's so you will need to do some research and put some ideas together and then we can help piece an itinerary together with you.
    This is a great thread covering an A-Z guide to the states. Here is the The national parks guide where you can navigate your way around all the parks and Bucks list of places to take a rest just off the Interstates. Also have a look around our roadtrip planning section for ideas. I would certainly recommend time in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Nevada for it's beauty and diversity and then possibly California up to Oregon. As said there are "no cheapo camper" options and if you don't mind camping and motels it will certainly be cheaper.
    Have a good look around and get a rough itinerary in place and then we will be able to help you put it all together.



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