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    Hi All (ooh, my first post!)

    I've just started planning a trip from San Fran to LA, along Highway 1. However, both my girlfriend and I are quite scared of heights. We've just got back from a trip where we had to drive over a mountain pass (the Franschhoek Pass in South Africa, if anyone knows it), and it was way too scary for us.

    So, I'm googling to try and find out which the highest points of Highway 1 are, but I'm not having much luck, apart from a bit of info on Big Sur. Even then, some of the coastal roads look fine, but I want to know what the highest bit of road will be.

    Can anyone advise on which bits are particularly scary and high? Many thanks for any help, and I hope you don't think I'm too weird...


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Only you can know how high is too high and scary for you and your girlfriend. I have a slight fear of heights, but nothing on the PCH struck me as too much, although there are certainly spots with some drop-off. Remember, this is a mostly sea level road and most of the higher cliffs are north of San Francisco. If this is really going to be a problem for you, then I suggest that you drive the road south-to-north so that there is an entire lane between you and the ocean. If you're making a round-trip, you can use US-101 for the southbound portion.


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    Thanks for the response! The driving from south to north idea is a fabulous one, and I shall definitely do that. The mountain pass that proved way too scary for me was about 600 metres high. Coastal roads with a bit of a drop off aren't a problem.

    I've just booked flights to LA rather than San Fran, so I can do the coastal drive on the way up, and maybe something else for the way back down. I shall go and have a good look through all the threads now and start planning. No doubt I will be back with more (potentially stupid, and definitely some food related) questions.


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    Default PCH and fear of heights-my wife's reaction

    Exactly one year ago, my wife and I traveled the PCH from north to south, getting on at Monterey and off San Luis Obispo. A day before we'd sampled south to north between Half Moon Bay and San Francisco.

    My wife is fairly nervous about heights and she expresses rather more anxiety on the southbound trip than the northbound. There are a few spots around Big Sur where the drop is surely approaching 1,000' (roughly 300 meters), and perhaps a bit more. She was in the passenger seat the whole segment so she had the better part of a full day to experience it.

    While the southbound side presents the passenger in an American left-hand drive vehicle with more "closeness" to the view than some are comfortable with, it also provided both driver and passenger with far easier access to the innumerable pull-outs, most of which are on the ocean side. As I drove it a year ago, southbound, I often thought of what a challenge it might be to cross over southbound traffic while northbound in order to reach a pull-out.

    Given how slowly the traffic moves on the higher and therefore curvier segments of the PCH, it really should not present problems to one without a rather profound phobia of that nature.

    Relax and enjoy the great ride!


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