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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm planning a west coast roadtrip for our honeymoon in June, starting in LA, up the coast to San Fransisco, Napa, Yosemite, Vegas and back to LA. We have 3 weeks and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions of where to stay, what to do and how long we'll need in each place? Nothing booked yet so open to any suggestions.

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    Default lots of possibilities

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    3 weeks is a very nice amount of time to explore California, and you'll have no shortage of things to do depending upon your specific goals. This is also the single most discussed route on the forum, so we've got hundreds, if not thousands of posts that talk about this basic trip. I would simply search and browse around the forum a bit, perhaps starting with these suggested threads.

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    Default Cambria and San Simeon

    For the first leg from LA to SF, I take it you're using scenic Hwy 1 for your route. A great midpoint area for an overnight stay would be the small town of Cambria. It's a quaint place with many shops and restaurants, and all the hotels on the other side of the highway (Moonstone Beach) are right there facing the ocean. I went there with family, but it's also the type of environment for newlyweds if you like beach and sunsets.

    Since you'll be there during peak season, the prices might be a little higher, but booking a night or two now may save you some cash.

    Hearst Castle is right there about 6 miles to the north in San Simeon. Be sure to catch one of the tours, especially the evening tour if you can swing it. A little farther north is the Piedras Blancas lighthouse and a popular Elephant Seal lookout point, where hundreds of elephant seals are lying about on the beach. June is an off-peak time to see them, but some sub-adult males may still be hanging around doing the molting thing.

    It will take you 5 hours from that area to get up to San Francisco for the next day. Have a good trip.

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    There are also a few reasonably priced hotels in San Simeon itself. There is very little else to the town though.

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    Thanks for the advice. I've had a good read of the relevant threads and there is some really great advice. I've come up with the following itinerary:
    3 nights LA
    1 night Santa Barbara
    1 night Cambria
    1 night Monterey
    5 nights San Francisco
    2 nights Yosemite
    7 nights Vegas (a long time, but this is our chance to chill out)
    1 night Grand Canyon (not long but we're flying out and have been before, we plan to stay in a teepee!)

    Just wondered if anyone has an comments on the intinerary and also I've seen that the drive between Yosemite and Vegas is about 7/8 hours - can anyone recommend a good mid way point to stay for the night or is it better to drive straight through?


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    Default I'd Go For It....But

    It's probably going to be more like 9 hours from Yosemite to Las Vegas, because you'll be driving in the real world as opposed to the virtual world where Google Maps and MapQuest live. Still, I would find that a comfortable day's drive and would just get up early enough in the morning to make sure that I would roll into Las Vegas before my bedtime. If you do get a late start out of Yosemite or get bogged down in traffic leaving the park, your options for an overnight stop are pretty much Bakersfield, Mojave or Barstow. But those should give you enough options that you won't have to make it all the way if time and tide are against you.


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    From Yosemite to LV, you could go over Tioga Pass and take 395 and go through Death Valley on the way. If it's getting late and you don't feel like going all the way in one haul, you could spend a night in Pahrump.

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    Default Tioga for sure.

    I would highly recommend the drive over Tioga pass [HWY120] as suggested above. It is a beautiful drive and so is the drive across Death valley. I would also suggest an overnight stop just to take in the scenery these two amazing places offer. Pahrump will leave you a short drive from Vegas or you could split the 2 days and see the sunset over the sand dunes at Stovepipe wells or further on there is Furnace creek. Here's the info on Death valley if you do consider it.

    Have a great trip.

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