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    Default Lincoln Highway

    Never have done this one; would be going from San Francisco to Times Square, NYC, NY, probably starting in April or May. Open to taking people with me; I'm 74 female, & need to go slowly, stop often to move around, want to stop anyway to see EVERYTHING along the way. Want to know old, more-or-less-original places to stay & eat. Might sell my car at the end & fly home. Might do the opposite: fly to NY, get a cheap car & drive west. Suggestions?
    Not Lost, Northern California

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    Default good reading

    I've only done a few sections of the Lincoln Highway, but it certainly is a nice drive, that is generally pretty well marked, and will give you a nice flavor of the country.

    There is one book that I have in my collection that I would strongly recommend. Greetings from the Lincoln Highway gives a very nice breakdown of the entire route and some things you can look forward too. There have also been a few discussions about the highway on here before, so I would recommend using the search functions to gather even more info.

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    I don't know if I'd want to buy a cheap car that I knew nothing about and set out on a cross country trip with it. If your car is in good shape, do that, and you can probably sell it fairly easily in the NY area because it's from California and won't have a rust issue. There's also the "owned by a little old lady" factor! (Not from Pasadena, right?)

  4. Default LH Companion to the rescue!

    Hi Ellie,

    As I sit here I'm proofreading my new book that will be out in the Spring, Lincoln Highway Companion. It's a glove-compartment-sized guide to places to eat and sleep plus maps and locations of popular landmarks. Should be out by time you make your trip, which sounds like a lot of fun!

    We just finished the cover and showed it on my blog a few days ago. Scroll down and you'll see it next to a small shot of my Greetings book. Lots of other helpful info there too I hope. Best of luck!

    Brian Butko

    (Editor's Note: Brian is THE authority for all things related to the Lincoln Highway!)
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    Default Cruise the Lincoln

    Brian Butko's book, "Greetings from the Lincoln Highway" is a great book to use along the drive.

    In Illinois, see the Dixon Arch, and the Lincoln store and LH HQ in Franklin Grove. There is also a short unpaved stretch of the Lincoln a little to the east.

    In Dekalb, get some fried potato salad at Fatty's, check out the Northern Illinois University lagoon and castle (Altgeld Hall). There is also a marker to William the Goose at the lagoon.

    Downtown has the very interesting architecture of the Egyptian Theater and the memorial park at the corner of Lincoln Highway and First Street.

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