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    Hi everyone,
    My fiance Brady and I are planning a long road trip in the end of November of '09 from NYC to Portland, OR for our honeymoon. We want to stop in Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from northern California to Portland. We're hoping to do the trip in 2 weeks.
    We want to have a fairly leisurely trip and allow a bit of time for taking in the sights and stay in hotels over night. We're hoping to do a little bit of camping as well. I'm starting to think this may take 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. We can't really drive overnights because Brady will be doing all the driving (I let my license expire a few years ago). I think we can do 8-10 hours of driving most days.
    We want to stay a couple nights in St. Louis and Salt Lake because that is where our families live. I think all the other stops will most likely be just be one night stops. Anyway, any advice on how long the trip might take and maybe any cool camping spots would be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicoleriefstahl View Post
    My fiance Brady and I are planning a long road trip in the end of November of '09
    Congratulations on the coming wedding and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Will this trip be round-trip? If so, it will take 10 full days (8-10 hours per day) of driving just to cover the most direct route. With stops and visiting family, you need to probably allow an extra week or so. (so a 3-week trip).

    Also, it could well be chilly on most of your route for camping and so you need to be prepared for cold-weather camping.


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    Thanks, we're going to make it a 3 week trip.

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