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  1. Default Detroit to San Francisco, around Dec 25 08

    I desperately need some advice here- I have driven a lot but never cross country. Would any portions require snow chains ? In general any idea on how conditions become this time of the year ? Any do's and donts will be most appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

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    Default Concern and Forethought are Your Best Weapons

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    Coming from Detroit, you should have plenty of experience with winter driving. Just keep in mind that in some ways the only difference between the driving you've done and the long drive you'll be taking is just the length. Most of the people around you at any point in your trip are just doing local commutes, just as you've done most days. Everyplace is somebody's home. For specific winter driving tips, have a read through this article. I-80 (and the Interstate System in general) is the best maintained of any road in a given area, But still, if conditions start to push against your comfort level, you can always pull off and just take a time out from driving until the weather improves and the crews have cleared the road.


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    Whether you actually wind up needing them or not, a set of cable chains would be a smart thing to have with you.

    There is a difference between driving in the snow in Detroit and driving out West - they have mountains out there.

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    California has chain laws on I 80 going across Donner Summit. If the chain law is in effect it will be posted. Hopefully you won't need them. The truck stops around Reno can advise you. If its snowing a little when you get to Reno its probably snowing a lot up on Donner. Fortunately Reno has many places to wait out a storm.

  5. Default never used a chain

    Thank you so much for all the replies, they are all very appreciated. I have never used chains on tyres - can they be installed easily ? Are they available at walmarts ?

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    Look for lightweight "cable" chains. They are fairly easy to install, practice before you leave, they come with instructions. They are available at Walmarts in certain areas. They can be ordered from most auto parts stores just about anywhere. I'm in an area where they are not popular at all, so I had to order them from O'Reilly's. My size was $88, if I had waited till I got to a Walmart that had them, I could have saved about $30.

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