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    I was able to get time off work from 20 Dec till New years, my wife and I have been planning a road trip for a long time and have decided to do it this time.

    I'm planning to leave Chicago on 20th and be back by 2nd Jan.

    I need to know options where I can go, we like to go on scenic drives, I'm currently considering going to Florida and back, if there are other interesting and better options, please enlighten me :)


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The great thing about RoadTrips is that, given enough time, there's absolutely no requirement to get to your destination or back by the straightest route. With your two weeks, more or less, for the trip, I can easily envision a leisurely trip down over 3 and a half days, a week in Florida, and another leisurely drive home. One way would include Louisville and/or Lexington, KY, Mammoth Cave National Park, the Civil War battlefields around Chattanooga, Stone Mountain and other Atlanta sites, Andersonville and FDR's Little White House in Warm Springs, GA. Going the other way would include a bit of the Gulf Coast to New Orleans and then up the Great River Road with possible stops at Natchez, Vicksburg, Memphis, Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis and Hannibal. Doing a route like that saves you from having to pick 1 destination and instead lets you sample a large portion of the country.


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    Thanks for the prompt reply, we have decided to travel from Chicago to Key West in Florida and back, will try to post a detailed plan so that it can help other travelers

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    Default The Keys

    We always stop for our first Keys drink at the Caribbean Club in Key Largo. Great view and this is the site where the movie Key Largo was filmed.

    Also recommend Islamorada, about half way down. The Sunset Celebration at the Lorelei is lots of fun. We like it here just as well as we do Key West. Also, stop at Hog Heaven.

    Check out the Key Deer at Big Pine Key. No Name Pub on No Name Key is an experience as well.

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    Will definitely stop there :)

    Please point out other must see places on the trip


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    Default Here are some more ideas

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