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    My husband and I are thinking about doing the west coast for our honeymoon. Time pressures mean this will probably be in Januray or early February for 2 weeks or so. Looking at flight costs from the UK it looks like travelling to Seattle and back from Los Angeles is the cheapest and shortest flight option.

    Are there any serious problems travelling along the coast at that time of year? Does 2 weeks (allowing for a stop in San Francisco along the way) seem like a reasonable timeframe? Any suggestions for 'must sees' along the way? Originally I was thinking of starting from Vancouver but the flights are a lot more expensive. Should we try and get there anyway?

    Thanks for your help!

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    January and February are winter, and the tail end of the rainy season on the Pacific Northwest coast, So you should be prepared for cold and wet at the least, and snow is a definite possibility, especially inland even a bit from the moderating temperature effect of the ocean. It is just too far in advance of your trip to be any more specific than that. Temperatures will moderate as you move south, and by the time you reach Los Angeles you can expect daytime highs around 20ļC.

    While I found Vancouver to be OK, I really enjoyed Victoria a good bit more. It can be reached from Seattle by a combination of ferry ride across Puget Sound, a beautiful drive along the Olympic Peninsula, and another ferry across the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Port Angeles. I think you might enjoy doing that, spending a day/night in Victoria, and then taking the ferry back to Port Angeles and continuing around the Olympic Peninsula on US-101 to start your trip southward along the coast. Make sure that your car hire contract allows you to take the car into Canada.

    Two weeks is sufficient time for your journey down the coast. You could make the drive from Seattle to Los Angeles in 3 comfortable days, so that leaves you 11 days or so for other activities. One of our moderators is from the Pacific Northwest and here are some of her recommendations. As you get farther south, you'll be getting into one of the most discussed travel areas we have, and here are some links to some of those discussions.


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    Thanks for the help!

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