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  1. Default Cross Country nov 1st, West to East, camping and general help needed

    going cross country and need advice on where to get maps, camp grounds, hotsprings - don't want to do the motel thing.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You really haven't given us enough information for us to really help you. There are just way too many variables, not the least of which are your route (there are millions of possibilities for a cross country trip), the time you have for this trip, how many people are going, budget, etc. Having said that, you might be best off just looking around this site a bit, both at the forum and in the planning section, where there is lots of good advice to help get you going.

    I will say that even at southern latitudes in the US, it can start to get pretty chilly while camping in November. Be sure to pack accordingly.

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