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    When I map out Chicago to Philly it gives me 781 miles whether I

    1) take I-80 all the way east to 476 then south or
    2) take I-80 to I-76 the Ohio/Pennsylvania Turnpike just before Youngstown and take it all the way East.

    Does anyone have any suggestions which one would be better? More scenic? Would weather more likely be a factor in #1, or is it similar? Any Ideas on the total cost of the Turnpike.

    Any help would be appreciated



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    I haven't driven much of the PA Turnpike, as I've usually taken either I-80 or I-68 when I'm traveling in that area. According to the Turnpike Website, you're looking at $19 in tolls to drive from Ohio to Philly.

    I think I-80 is a pretty scenic trip, and with the lack of tolls, I would probably lean towards that option across PA. However, it is about 20 miles longer, and while that's a pretty small difference, if this is just a speed run, then I'd go with the shorter route.

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    I have been both rts across Pa. On I 80 there are no tolls. It is hilly all the way across. I 476 is a toll rd the last time I was that way. It is fairly straight with a few hills and one tunnel. The Pa pike is hilly and curvy from the Ohio line to about mm201 west of Carlisle Pa. From there to Philly it is mostly straight with a few hills. From Somerset to mm201 there are four tunnels. If you are worried about snow, either route can see snow this time of year. They are faster about getting the turnpike salted down than they are 80. I 80 I think is the more scenic because it is mtns all the way across. Both rts have plenty of places to stop if you should run into trouble. Good Luck

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    I'm a cheapskate and try to take free roads. It's possible to do it all the way from Chicago to Philly, but it's a pain, not all Interstate quality.

    Something to consider - I-65 to Indy, then I-70 to I-79 in PA, down I-79 in WV to I-68, to I-70 to Baltimore. Then I-95 to Philly. This is definitely not the fastest way though.

    If you have an Ipass, it's accepted on all EZ-Pass roads in PA and the other eastern states.

    If this is a speed run, toll roads all the way are best, 80 to 76.

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    The way I used to run from Chicago to Philly in the truck to avoid the tolls ;
    From Chicago take I 94 east to exit 40 in Indiana. Take US 20 east. Its 4 lane all the way to Elkhart Ind. From Elkhart to Toledo is all 2 lane rd, but its straight, traffic is light, and only small towns to go through. When you get to Toledo take I 475 South to I 75 North to US 20 East to Norwalk Oh. Pick up US 250 south to US 224 East. Stay on 224 and it will dead end you onto I 76 East. At Youngstown pick up I 80, take it east across PA to Sate College and take US 322 South and East to Harrisburg. 322 is mostly 4 lanes. The last time I was by that way there was a short stretch of 2 lane just out of State College. At Harrisburg take I 81 North to I 83 South to I 283 South to SR 283 South to Lancaster. There pick up US 30 East. There is about 10-12 miles of 2 lane and the 30 becomes a 4 lane limited access highway. It joins up with US 202 into Philly. To run from Chicago to Philly via the toll roads in an 18 wheeler would cost us around $120, not counting the Skyway toll.

    The way you mentioned going, I 68, I 70, I 95, is a lot further and I 95 in Delaware is a toll road.

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    Thanks Guys.

    Appreciate it. We are leaving Thursday about 2pm. So out of Ohio I think we will take 76 through PA to get there and 476/80 back since it is the most scenic and we will be returning during daylight hours.

    Take care

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