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  1. Default Planning a trip to DC, then New Jersey

    Hey all- I'm new to this forum, my first post. I'm living in south Florida, but I was going to leave for New Jersey tomorrow, but I'm going to stop of in DC for a day and see some family. Now, I've done the drive 8 times in my life, from NJ to Florida, and I'm bored with 95.

    Are there any other highway routes that are maybe more scenic and interesting that I could take? I don't mind if it takes more time- I'm doing this as a "vacation" type thing, to relive some stress.

    Thanks for you input.

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    Default There are Always Alternatives

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The freedom to choose one road and not another is, after all, the essence of a RoadTrip. Even if time is not a factor, you may want to stick to the Interstates, in which case (assuming Miami to D.C.) a great scenic and historic route would be to take I-75 to Chattanooga, I-81 to Front Royal, VA, and I-66 to Washington. Going that way adds about 325 mile to your drive, but if you have three days for the trek, they would be well spent. If you really have unlimited time, then look at a real coastal route, leaving I-95 at Savannah and following US-17 up through Charleston, NC-12 along the Outer Banks, US-158 to the Norfolk area, and US-17 again into D.C. That route is about the same length as the I-75/I-81 route, but because of the more 'relaxed' pace, you'd probably need four days to do it.


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