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    Hello im looking to plan a road trip to the viva las vegas car show in april. Im from Bogalusa Louisiana. And im wanting to go a good bit on route 66 were would be a good place to get on the high way.could ya help me plan it

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    There were many alignments of US-66 over the years so some research is in order. Much of the highway has been covered over by Interstates in the intervening years, including I-40.
    I would suggest starting your search on our Route 66 pages.

    As for other aspects of your trip - how much time do you have? What is your budget? What is your preferred lodging? How many will be traveling in your group (or is this a solo trip)?

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    Hello this is a solo trip i have about 14 days for trip as for lodging i would like old hotels.Budget is around 5k.Im going to a old car show. i just want to be on the open road i have always wanted to travel this highway it has been a dream of mine for along time. should i get on it in Texas or Oklahoma. can you route this out for me i want to see all the old stuff. thanks for your help
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